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Ironman Coaching

Looking for Ironman coaching? If you’ve always had a yearning to complete an Ironman, we can help. If you’re a back-of-the-pack type of person, we want you!

If you’ve always had a yearning to complete an Ironman but haven’t had the confidence or knowledge on how to reach that goal, we can help. And if you regard yourself as a ‘back of the pack’ person, we are really interested in helping you! We’ll help you set goals and challenge yourself to improve. I promise you’ll achieve goals you may consider too difficult or possible to set.

We specialise in…

  • triathlons, marathons, half marathons, swim/bike/run, multisport
  • first timers (in any event or distances – 3km fun run or Ironman event)
  • age groupers (for any event or distances)
  • lifestyle change

Not just Ironman coaching & mentoring…

  • life style rearrangement (includes dietary & physical but not necessarily for any fitness event)
  • a half marathon
  • a marathon
  • a first time triathlon
  • to improve your present running or triathlon capabilities
  • a half Ironman
  • an Ironman
  • general swimming
  • general running/walking
  • general triathlon training
  • strength training

If you’re interested in Ironman coaching or coaching & mentoring for any other event, contact Verna to make a time for a no-obligation, one-off meeting where we can discuss your goals and plans and find whether we move forward as a team for the long-term goal.

We would love to spend time with you and discuss your goals at length gratis – but taking specific time out of our day to drive to, meet and discuss your plans can take anything from 30 minutes to 3 hours. This is valuable time for us so we do need to ask for a one-off meeting cost.

One-off meeting is $50 (plus you buy the coffee!), deductible from the initial set-up fee should you decide to appoint Verna as your coach or mentor.

Actual costs of any training programme is determined by the type of programme requested, the length of the programme and for what event. There is always a one-off initial set up fee as the time involved in setting up a personal programme is considerable as much thought is put into every individual and their abilities, lifestyle and available training time.

For further information, contact us.

Ironman Coaching Stories

Becci’s story…

Ironman coaching story - BecciBecci at Ironman registration just an hour before starting her very first Ironman event.

Only 14 months earlier Becci had her first sea swim and experienced panic attacks. 14 months later she became “an Ironman”!

“I would not be able to say “I am an Ironman” without the coaching and advice from Verna & Tony.  With Verna’s training programme she took me, over just a one year period, from someone who could barely swim, bike or run to actually complete the NZ Taupo Ironman. For that I will be eternally grateful. Their in depth knowledge of the training that someone like me needed was invaluable, and their support was constant. They are now both very good friends and all of the Once Were Runners crew have become an extended family.”

“If you are prepared to stick to your programme and put in the effort, the rewards will be great!!”

– Becci Lampard

Jacque’s story…

Ironman coaching story - JacqueVerna Cook-Jackson coached me from July 2009 until May 2010.

During that time I had locked in two events/goals I wanted to achieve.

1. December 2009 – Taupo Half Ironman (first triathlon)

2. May 2010 – Rotorua Marathon (first marathon)

What makes Verna an effective coach?

Verna’s 360 degree approach to coaching is very interactive, she takes it upon herself to get to know the athletes she is training inside out,  something that I was not expecting but her 360 degree approach was excellent which helped me progress and complete both events within the times I aimed for.

Her powerful positive attitude, her knowledge and experience of all the elements of sport, nutrition, human anatomy and her continued commitment to every athlete no matter what level they are at. The programmes were/are planned around my professional and personal commitments and sent in advance so as to discuss in detail prior to the weeks training. I had daily interaction with Verna, whether it be by phone, email, sms, specific training session that we did together or massage. Verna’s attention to detail is what set her aside from anyone else I have trained with.

I left NZ at the end of May 2010 and had already entered the 2011 Taupo Ironman – had I stayed in NZ I would have continued training with Verna but due to the distance and the intensity of the training required, I opted for a local trainer in Dubai.  Whilst Verna was not actively coaching me for ironman, we were always in contact, updating her with my programme and all the events I entered on route to IMNZ and to discuss my progress regularly. When I arrived in March to participate in the event Verna was there to support and encourage and coach me till I crossed the finish line.

This is what sets Verna aside, I am blessed to have had the privilege of being coached and continued support from Verna Cook-Jackson, she is an asset to the sports world…!!!

– Jacque

If you have any question or queries, please email or phone.