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Holiday Dates

Hi Everyone

It has been a while. WordPress has revinvented itself since I last posted, so forgive me for my learner wheels.

OWR Christmas Run / Walk

Wednesday 18th will be the last Wednesday Run/Walk before Christmas. There are no vounteers to map out a pub run this year, but not to worry. FTAs (Finely tuned athletes) are encouraged to dress up and prepare for a fun night.

Christmas Day

Wednesday 25th. Some traditions are just too precious to break. OWR will be meeting at about 8am on Christmas for an 8:30 swim, run, walk or bike. This will be followed by coffee, breakfast or brunch at the Coffee Club from around 9:45

New Year’s Eve

Tuesday 31st December. Once again we will be meeting at Okoromai Bay, Shakespear Regional Park at 8:30am on New Years Eve . Bring a picnic for afters.

Short and sweet. That’s it.

Oh, one more thing. Congratulations to Lisa Harris, Paula and Terry Leigh and the Shadbolts who have all moved into new homes during this year.

Things Wednesday 23rd Jan 2019

I hope you are having an awesome summer. The weather has been brilliant whatever your needs this year.

Well done to everyone who made it to the Christmas Day gathering. It was a fairly rough day, although we made it back for the all important coffee before the rain started.

Hardy Christmas Souls
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Things Tuesday 11th Dec 2018


Hello Everyone


Grab your pretzels and wine and wrap your eyes around this edition of Things to find out what you’ll be doing over the holidays.

Who am I kidding? Many of you are on perpetual holiday!! [Read more…]

Thingets Tuesday 30th Oct

Hi Guys

No time for a full blown Things today, so here are the important bits in brief.


1. This Wednesday 31st  Oct

It is Halloween tomorrow, Wednesday, and some of the Mad Hatters in the group think it would be fun to dress in costume for your run or walk. Go on Brandon, you know you want to.

Meet in the usual place at the Rugby Club rooms in Cornwall Park at 5.30pm.


2. This Saturday 3rd Nov

It’s summer time, or so some of the delusioned among us believe. So it is back to Mission Bay, 7.30. The sane ones will run, walk or skip. The aforementioned mad hatters will swim. [Read more…]

Things Tuesday 4th Sep 2018

Hello There

I have some newsy bits to share with you today, so pull up your coffee and lets get started.

Saturday Mornings at Cornwall Park

If you haven’t been to Cornwall Park in the past few weeks, I urge you to hurry up and get there. Cornwall Park is at it’s best at this time of year. Aside from the frolicking lambs and frisky calves, there are daffodils and magnolias and tulips and unadulterated prettiness wherever you look. Oh, and our lot are there on Saturdays at 7.30 am, by the flag pole and Wednesday’s at 5.30 pm at the Rugby Club rooms. [Read more…]

Things Tuesday 22 Aug 2018

Hi All

Is there anyone else out there not in Hawaii at the moment? So far we have or have had or will have Verna, Danny, Mel Wilson, Darilyn, Katherine and David. I wanna go….anything to get away from this incessant rain.


Well Shelley is not letting meteorological issues get her down. Well done for getting through recent Xterra Events

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Things Tuesday 17th July 2018

Hi Everyone

Wow, hasn’t today been spectacular after all of that wet weather. Someone, make haste, please call the weather man and order more days like today.

Some Quick Reminders

  1. OWR Dinner next Wednesday 25th July. Many of you have already advised me you are coming. For the rest of you, you have until Friday evening to let me know. We are meeting at the Alex Bar and Eatery  at Alexandra Park (Trotting venue) at 6pm. Partners and groupies welcome. Carole Young is organising some quick exercise for those that are keen, starting at 5pm at the usual place.
  2. The entries for the Hawkes Bay Marathon Festival open on Wednesday 25th. If you are keen to do this, you will need to get in with busy fingers and book because this event sells out fast. Remember there are multiple events ranging from the Marathon down to a fun run for kids. The event is planned for 18th May 2019.
  3. Time is running out if you want to participate in the Kerikeri Half on 17th November, especially for accommodation. A bunch of your fellow foot warriors are already booked so don’t suffer FOMO.
  4. A bit closer to home is the next Auckland Xterra event to be held at Waiuku on Sunday 29th July – how about it? There are 4 distances available ranging from 6.5 to 23 km.

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THINGS Tuesday 10th July 2018

Hello Everyone

Once again as I sit at the laptop tapping at the keys, the heavens are dropping down the wet stuff by the bucket load. I think flippers and snorkels are going to be the order of the day if this keeps up. Find a dry spot and let’s get into it.

OWR on the Gold Coast

Well after much planning, training and packing, the Gold Coast running events have all been run, medals handed out and the smiles that split faces apart have all disappeared back to where they came from. Our lot did very well indeed with even a couple of PBs in the mix.

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Quick Things: Tues 26th June 2018

Hello Everyone

I trust you are not too frozen or water logged. Grab a cuppa and let’s get started.

Wednesday Nights

Despite the challenges of the weather, there is a hardy bunch of souls wearing out soles in and around Cornwall Park each Wednesday night. Reports of merriment have come from the neighbourhood so if you wish to join the happy throng, bring yourself and your mates to the Rugby Club Rooms on Puriri Drive opposite Cornwall Park. The packs depart at 5:30 sharpish. [Read more…]

Things Wednesday 31st May 2018

Hello Everyone

I hope you are all keeping warm during these beautiful crisp clear days.

Katherine is still over yonder wearing out her passport, so you have me, ETC, today.

Thing One: Where to this Saturday

A couple of weeks ago we agreed that we would return to Cornwall Park on Saturday mornings for the winter. However, there is some confusion in the ranks as to whether we are moving back to Cornwall Park this Saturday, on Queen’s Birthday weekend, or next week after Queen’s Birthday weekend.

So after consulting with many of you, I have made a decision. We will stay at Mission Bay this Saturday and move to Cornwall Park next Saturday. [Read more…]

THINGS Monday 25th September 17

Hello There

It has been awhile, but I am back – as guest editor while Katherine kicks her heels up in the UK.

Cornwall Park

How fabulous is Cornwall Park? It is beautiful any time of year but especially in Spring. A bunch of faithfuls turn up week after week. You too could be one of them….think about it.

Is that Benji photo bombing the bottom left? Note the holograms of our travelling friends looking on. They are wishing they were there too.


Tony Jackson Ironman Scholarship

There has been some fabulous news announced by Ironman NZ recently.

 We are delighted to announce that the Tony Jackson Scholarship is opening for a second round of applicants for 2018.

We received a number of quality applications earlier this year (including winner Jason Young), so together with Verna Cook-Jackson we have decided to award a second scholarship for the 2018 event.

Interested? Then get your application in.



O’Hagan’s Run

One athlete all too familiar with Ironman has been tearing it up around the Viaduct and the Wynyard Quarter. Check out these results.

Patti is currently 9th woman. What an awesome effort Patti. Go you.

Does this sound like you? Here’s how you can join Patti on a weekly running habit.

The O’Hagan’s Series is run on Tuesday nights starting at 6pm from O’Hagan’s Irish Bar at the Viaduct Harbour in Auckland. The course is measured out and back 5km around the Viaduct.

The entry fee is $8. Every finisher receives a free beer, wine or OJ and goes into the spot prize draw at 7pm. Register at O’Hagan’s from 5.15pm.


It’s summer. Get Moving!

Hey Guys, here are some key dates to tempt you back into the wet suit and on the bike saddle etc.


Ocean Swim Series Dates


Get your entry in now so you can plan your training.

Auckland Habour Swims

If you would prefer more low key but challenging Events, the Auckland Masters Swim Club organise a series in the Auckland Habour.



Kohi Swim Series

To prepare you for these awesome events, there is a weekly swim on Thursdays at Kohi


Kerikeri Half Marathon

A bunch of OWR folks make an annual pilgramage to Kerikeri and have a blast doing the Half Marathon. You too could join this happy throng. Just sign up.


Panasonic Tri Series

The Last Word



Cornwall Park On Wednesday Night

Hello Everyone

I hope you are enjoying this amazing Waitangi weekend. We couldn’t have asked for better weather.

I have news for you. There has been an OWR coup. There were handbags at dawn, coffee was spilt and the shouty friends all came.  [Read more…]

THINGS for Waitangi Weekend

 Hi Everyone

Thanks to Clippy Chick for sending through tonight’s content.  [Read more…]

Just a quickie

Hi Everyone

Some of you have been discussing where OWR will be this Wednesday. [Read more…]

Holiday Things

Hi All

Another quickie just to update you.  [Read more…]

Festive Season Activities

Hey you lot

For those couple of you who are staying in town this Christmas, here is the line up of key dates:  [Read more…]

While the cat’s away . . .

Metaphorically speaking of course.

I am not back. Just filling in this once while Verna is kicking her heels up in Hawaii.

Sandra’s farewell

A number of you expressed regret you were not able to get to Sandra’s funeral on Friday. I thought under the circumstances I would offer a quick debrief.

Sandra and Fred have a beautiful and loving family of 4 children, various in-laws and 8 grand children. All of these family members, including the littlest ones, offered tributes to Sandra; each one highlighting the fact that Sandra was a real people person and very much at the heart of her extended family. It was evident too, that if you are a friend of the Ripley’s, it is for life. A number of long time friends took the opportunity to pay tribute to Sandra. We were regaled with many tales of the friendship, mischief and motherly love. [Read more…]

A loss in the OWR family

Hi Everyone

Verna asked me to send out this post due to the number of people not on the emails that did the rounds yesterday.

I am afraid I have some very sad news for you today. Our dear friend Fred lost his wife Sandra on Monday night. As many of you know, Fred has been caring for Sandra for many years.
No doubt you will want to convey your thoughts to Fred in your own way. Fred’s contact details are:
91 Gloria Ave
Te Atatu Peninsula
Auckland 0610



Funeral Details:
Davis Funeral Home
Central Park Drive
At 10:30 on Friday

Fred’s daughter Jo, has said that they would love to see us all there.

Fred and family are doing OK but are still coming to terms with their loss.


Bye for now

Fiona xx


Things Monday 11 Jan 2016

Happy New Year you lot.

OWR This Wednesday

Yep, you got it. OWR starts again this Wednesday 13th Jan. Be at number 8 as usual ready for a 5:30pm start.

Merna Mook has been busy

Who Gives A Fudge At Christmas?

I’m Hands Solo Baldrick  [Read more…]

Reminder – No OWR this Wednesday

Hi Guys, and Happy New Year.

I am happily out of routine at present, but just a reminder there is NO OWR this Wednesday 6th Jan. Normal Wednesday’s will resume 13th Jan 16.

Enjoy your summer hols.
ETC 13 Henry walking off


Run this coming Thursday (31st Dec) is at 8 am

Originally was hoping to take you on the joys and delights of the tracks around Huia.  However I went out there today to work out the courses for both runners and walkers only to find the main tracks I had planned for us to use were all closed off to the public, due to Kauri dieback.

Did try some other tracks around the area in case they would work – but can already hear the howls of protestation from most as there were virtual vertical climbs.  It is sad as did wish to have us finish at a beach for a post run/walk picnic we could all partake and share in.

But it just won’t work.

 Therefore have had to resort to Plan B.  Sadly it does not have a beach anywhere near it.

 We will all meet and be ready for the walk or run at 8 a.m. at Arataki Information Centre, Scenic Drive.

Arataki Visitor Centre Photo

 Only rules are:

 1)      Wear sturdy shoes

2)      Bring your own drink for the run – in this heat you will need this

3)      Bring a fun attitude

 And…. Bring something to eat and drink post the physical exertion.

Arataki Visitor Centre

 Any questions, ask.

 Verna signature

Monday 14th Dec 15

Hya All

Not long now. Not long now until you are tearing up the neighbourhood bellowing out Christmas songs as you weave your way from pub to pub. Not long now until you all meet at 7:30am at Mission Bay on Christmas Day for the dip or run and not long now before you head out on the off road last run of the year event. Before you know it, it will be Wednesday 13th Jan and life will be back to normal again.

Thanks once again to Verna for sending through the results.


2015 12 14 Pub Night

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Things Monday 7th Dec 15

What is it with you lot? You are all so darned active I have to spend all of Monday evening catching up with your results. Oh well, I suppose it is better than being old grumps sitting in the lazy-boy. And anyway Verna spent all morning at her computer hunting down the results for us. Many thanks Verna for sending all of today’s results through.

Next Wednesday 16th Dec

2015 12 07 Pub Run

Please remember that next Wednesday 16th is the pub run. Arrive as usual to be ready to run by 5:30pm. Some like to dress for the occasions.

The course will go where the course will go and you will be able to buy liquid refreshments at various watering holes along the way.

The usual commercial rules apply. You give the jangly stuff, the barman gives you the wet stuff. No jangly stuff, no wet stuff. You with me?

Also, I know you are all adults but at this time of year you can have more than usual on your mind. Please remember to organise your sober driver.

The pub run will mark the last OWR Wednesday night for 2015.

Please can you pass this important message on to those who don’t come often, don’t read things (how dare they) and /or don’t pay attention. [Read more…]

Things Monday 30th Nov 2015

Thanks very much to this weeks contributors; Verna, Brandon and Shelley.


From Verna

OWR had a newbie at O’Hagan’s this week. Well done Mariska!

Congratulations too, to Patti, who once again stoically trotted around the course, and to Helen for getting out there. Patti is that another PB?

2015 11 30 Ohagans [Read more…]

Things 23rd Nov 15


Last week saw Brandon take a more pedestrian pace as he prepared for Kerikeri in the weekend. Meanwhile Tomato girl continued to improve her time and seized her opportunity to streak past Brandon (metaphorically speaking.)

2015 11 23 Ohagans

Thanks to Verna for these results. [Read more…]