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THINGS: 11 JUNE 2017

Shake off those winter blues – OWR is having a musical night out!   [Read more…]

THINGS: 5 June 2017

How can it be June?????  [Read more…]



Helen and Brett, lovingly known as the O’Reido’s, are heading to Ireland for their OE, likely for several years on 24 May.

There is a farewell bash THIS SATURDAY night, 2o May, at Frieda Margoles in the Butcher’s – it’s at 413 Richmond Road. Meeting from 4pm onward – laughing, drinking, poetry, possibly singing – there will be Irish and Welsh there so I’m just warning you it could happen – and hopefully lots of good memories to send them on their way.

More later


Clippy Chick

THINGS 11 MAY 2017

Grab a cuppa and put yer feet up – we have heaps to say this week…. [Read more…]


Thing 1A: Last Saturday’s run

Last Saturday the team returned to the winter venue at Cornwall Park. Fortunately, the weather was anything but winter-like…  [Read more…]


!THING 1:  Wednesday  Run at St. Luke’s

St. Luke’s Shopping Centre – Entrance Level 2 (at the back – entrance closest to   the MOA PUB. )  [Read more…]

THINGS: 12 April 2017

Thing 1:  King of the Bays

This classic swim is the end of the summer big swims for many. In spite of the number of registered entrants, the only one swimming under the OWR flag who actually made it to the start – let alone finish – lines was Dari.  [Read more…]

THINGS: 2 April 2017

Thing 1:  Wednesday  Runs – back to St. Luke’s

Alas the year marches on and with the end of daylight savings comes the early closing of the Park.  [Read more…]

THINGS: 19 March 2017

It’s been a busy week now the weather’s cleared. It’s a two week catch up so grab a cuppa and follow the highlights.

Thing 1: Wednesday – Picnic in the Park

The weather dried out for our picnic in the park. Pre-picnic exercise: the walkers did the usual jaunt around the park, but the runners headed out to Mount St. John’s (so we could include a stop at the Countdown to pick up condiments for the BBQ… we are a practical bunch). So we did climb a mountain! Just not the one we normally do.  [Read more…]

7 March 2017

Thing 1: Ironman

Being an Ironman is about Resilience.

Most of us don’t even make to the Start line, let alone the Finish. If it were easy, we all would have done it. And some years it is easier than others. This was not one of those years.  [Read more…]

THINGS: 1 March 2017

My apologies for missing last week’s Things – overseas travel swamped the schedule. So this week is highlights and hopefuls.  [Read more…]

Things, 12 February 2017

Welcome Summer!

Summer finally came to Auckland on Waitangi weekend. A handful of OWRs’ got together on Monday at Kohi for a paddle and a picnic…  [Read more…]

Cornwall Park On Wednesday Night

Hello Everyone

I hope you are enjoying this amazing Waitangi weekend. We couldn’t have asked for better weather.

I have news for you. There has been an OWR coup. There were handbags at dawn, coffee was spilt and the shouty friends all came.  [Read more…]

THINGS for Waitangi Weekend

 Hi Everyone

Thanks to Clippy Chick for sending through tonight’s content.  [Read more…]

Just a quickie

Hi Everyone

Some of you have been discussing where OWR will be this Wednesday. [Read more…]

Wednesday Runs & Walks in January

It’s summer – a consensus was held on the last run of the last day of the year that as the weather is going to be superb for the next month OWR Wednesday evening runs and walks should be based at [Read more…]

Holiday Things

Hi All

Another quickie just to update you.  [Read more…]

Festive Season Activities

Hey you lot

For those couple of you who are staying in town this Christmas, here is the line up of key dates:  [Read more…]

Another Very Important Quickie


OWR Christmas Run

This Wednesday, usual time of 5.30.

Meeting at usual place at St Lukes.  [Read more…]

Stop Press



And last run of the year – Wednesday 14 December.

Leaving from same place, St Lukes – we will be doing the rounds of the local establishments – and probably [Read more…]

Aloha, and bugger modern technology

It has been a frustrating week this week. I finally typed up script for Things to post earlier this week but the ‘system’ has not allowed me in to post the script. I have since flown to Hawaii and tried many times to post only to be told by Webby Dick Chick that there is something feral in the system – so hoping that this time it works.

So much happened last weekend that I did want to have everyone enjoy basking in the glory of others and other’s efforts – but wasn’t to be. So whilst it is old news now, as there has already been more happenings during the week, am going to post it anyway – and update the news at the end.  [Read more…]

A Wednesday Update

Long time, no Things. And don’t have a comprehensive lots to publish nor every result to hand – but merely trying to keep some updated Things in here.

O’Hagan’s 5km over the past weeks (some results may be missing)

[Read more…]

2 quick notices

Notice 1:

Anyone know anyone who would like to housesit in Beachaven 12 December to 19 January?

as per:  [Read more…]

In the interests of my waistline ….



……..  my fridge floweth over with some of the contributions to our ‘Last Supper’ and urgently requires devouring.   [Read more…]

Tomorrow! And next Wednesday, and next Wednesday, and next ……


Hello All

Due to extreme shortage of personal time [Read more…]