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Thingets Tuesday 30th Oct

Hi Guys

No time for a full blown Things today, so here are the important bits in brief.


1. This Wednesday 31st  Oct

It is Halloween tomorrow, Wednesday, and some of the Mad Hatters in the group think it would be fun to dress in costume for your run or walk. Go on Brandon, you know you want to.

Meet in the usual place at the Rugby Club rooms in Cornwall Park at 5.30pm.


2. This Saturday 3rd Nov

It’s summer time, or so some of the delusioned among us believe. So it is back to Mission Bay, 7.30. The sane ones will run, walk or skip. The aforementioned mad hatters will swim.


So many people to Congratulate for so many accomplishments

  1. Well done to Marion and Shelley who completed the Xterra season recently. I believe Shelley’s consistent attendance earned her first place for the season for her age group.
  2. Gaye is celebrating an awesome result too. After qualifying to go the “Sweet Adeline’s Worlds” Acapella Singing Competition, Gaye’s group came 5th in their category. The competition was held in St Louis in the US, so this is a massive achievement. Well done Gaye and fellow song birds. Gaye and Doug are still on tour in the US if you are wondering why you haven’t seen Doug lately.
  3. Big thumbs up to Verna who, along with Rus, completed the Minnesota Marathon. Verna was invited as a scholarship runner and joined a number of other invited runners who run with medical gadget attachments such as pace makers, diabetic pumps etc. Verna raced home in just a bit over 5 hours.
  4. Updated. A for Awesome for Ken who has just completed his 14th Auckland  Marathon. Ken was pleased with his day, and so he should be with a result of 6:36:29. By anyone’s standards, that is one brisk walk. Considering Ken is in his 70’s this is truly awesome!
  5. Updated. And B is for Brilliant and Brandon. Brandon was also out there on Sunday completing his 12th Auckland Marathon. From Brandon:
    Have just come back from a recovery massage and can hardly walk. She found some big knots in my hamstrings and hammered them. When I flinched she just said, “No pain, no gain!”
    The time wasn’t flash but after a terrible build-up due to various illnesses and injuries and not completing a single one of the longer runs, I was just in it for the finish. Three of us ran together for charity. We three finished together in 5:30:53.
    Well done Brandon. The pain will pass,
  6. Paul Harrison is also feeling very pleased with himself and rightly so. He has just completed the Kona Ironman – the birth place of Ironman. We know from Tony’s tales this is quite a tough event given the brisk, warm and dehydrating winds that cut across the course. And of course there is humidity too. So well done Paul. Enjoy that happy glow of achievement.
  7. Finally Congratulations to Sally and Mike who have wrestled in the Auckland house market and won themselves a tidy pad. House warming notice to follow. They haven’t actually moved in yet.

On the Mend

A few OWRs have been a bit  sore recently.

  1. Carole recently had a fall and broke her ankle. She is now cast free but still feeling the injury. Keep mending Carole and we’ll see you back at it again soon.
  2. Gary has recently had knee surgery. He is now putting up a good fight to get his fitness back. He even plans to re-introduce himself to his long neglected golf clubs. Go Gary!
  3. Shelley spent her recent school holidays having eye surgery; an eye a week. Now you are sitting there wondering how that works. Two weeks holidays, 2 eyes, but what about the third eye? You know the one. It’s the one that all teachers have, at the backs of their heads. Not to worry. Shelley has always had 20/20 vision in that eye.

Thanks to Ken and Brandon who came good with their results.

Apologies for brevity.


  1. Awesome achievement Shelley, congratulations!

  2. Great to get the Blog – and a real newsy one too…

  3. Hooray things !

  4. katherine lester says

    Well done Fiona! A lovely read.

  5. Thanks Fiona.