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A happy crew turned up at the Olympic pool this morning. Some had earned the coffee before imbibing, some were paying forward…. Feel free to come along. Aqua café at the Olympic Pool – coffee at 8am Tuesdays and Thursdays.

It was great to have Phil back today as well from his annual Australian lambing adventure. …..Swimming seems a lot easier somehow….


Ladies of Spain we adore you…

Barb and Jane have had an amazing walking tour in Cornwall…. Yep it’s a long way

The path to the Minock Theatre …. looks somehow familiar….

I think the smile says it all….


Jane at home on stage

And now the ladies are now in España…

“Hola from somewhere between Avila and Salamanca – Left Madrid early this morning and will be in Portugal tonight.  To go back got our way to Europcars in London with only one mistake which had us at terminal 5 luckily we were able to drive thru without paying and were quickly on the correct route again. Our flight was delayed by 2 hrs apparently due to high winds. No matter we were happy enough ogling diamonds at Tiffanys and food at Fortnum and Mason like caviar for £823. Our taxi was waiting when we got thru after a long walk followed by a 10 min train ride to collect luggage. Took an hour to the hotel, at checkin discovered they had no record of us. I noticed that our car transfer and our itinerary showed 2 different hotels and we were at the wrong one! Luckily there was a Cosmos tour leader there who organised another taxi to take us to the correct hotel, finally got there after 9pm and this time our tour guide had arranged for dinner to be kept and checked us in etc. We were a bit tired by then with the time difference etc.

So to Madrid, 29 deg. In the morning took the tour to Toledo, wow so interesting and information overload. A walled city, above the river Tagus .Very narrow and windy streets, huge gothic cathedral, El Greco’s paintings and more. Well worth the trip. In the afternoon we had a drive around Madrid saw the huge stadium that is home to Real Madrid and also the again huge stadium for bullfights which holds 80000 people and there is no parking! It was originally outside the city but Madrid has expanded. We had a free evening so sorted our cases (well Barb sorted mine) so I will have to wear the same clothes for the rest of the trip so as not to disturb anything! Then wandered down the street and found a tapas (is that your new spelling Karen?) bar, very nice. The temperature was just right so it easy to understand why 5.30 is considered afternoon and the evening much later.

An Australian lady on our bus recognised Barb from a UK tour they both did in 2005 after the marathon – would you believe it.

Out of Salamanca now, had an hour or so to wander the streets, everywhere seems to be full of dam tourists! Again the interesting buildings, big plaza and people playing accordions and using puppets to play musical instruments eg a miniature grand piano.
This area is famous for ham and salami, the highest grade comes from pigs that have consumed acorns, roots and fruit from the fields. Acorns apparently reduce LDL and increase HDL. So there we go, some health info for a change.

Ok over and out, abrazos and love from the tourists xx”

They just missed Helen and Brett who at last post were eating their way through Spain. We think they did part of the Camino walk over Helen’s birthday…

Looking fabulous Helen! Hope you had a splendid birthday!



We are in the last few Wednesdays at St. Lukes – the week after Labour Day we will move to our Summer Schedule and meet at Cornwall Park.

The 11th and 18th at St. Luke’s

The 25th onward at Cornwall Park.

Wednesdays, 5:30 pm

St. Luke’s Shopping Centre, upper deck by the entrance close to the Event Cinema’s 1st floor.

Post run tipple:  Event Cinema lobby bar


Spring is fully here in the Park – and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Fiona captured some lovely shots of the cherry blossoms. I was hoping to have a picnic under those blossoms one year but we seem to get rained out!

And look who we met on the way – getting ready for the Lactic Turkey race the next day.

Sandi and Brian

We’ve got only ONE MORE SATURDAY in CP – we move to Mission Bay city-side car park on Labour Weekend (21 October).

Where:       Cornwall Park by the Flagpole

When:        7:30 am

Runners, walkers and hybrids welcome!

Post run coffee:  ~9:00am at Hickory Café (in the Astor Motor Inn), 45 Main Street, Ellerslie

elite runners on 30 September


October is a big birthday month! Hope everyone has a fabulous time!






Have a good day everyone – hope to see you soon

Clippy Chick


  1. Katherine, thought I should mention that Fortrose is in southland, not Australia

  2. Thanks Katherine !

  3. Dubai Mike says

    Hi from Cornwall.
    Sorry we missed Barb and Jane but to enjoy Spain. We have been in the UK for one week now. The girls loved London. I’m enjoying the countryside. Apart from the city we went up to Cambridge, Surrey and now enjoying Cornwall after driving down past Stonehenge. We are here for five days before travelling to Wales and then Ireland.
    As you can see in to busy post on the Facebook. I will try and write more news soon…
    Regards Mike and Sally

  4. Gee, it is so great reading about where everyone is – Barb & Jane’s FB update photos have been spectacular as have Charmayne’s – hardly any from you Mike! – always interesting in seeing where the O’Reidos are next – and every now and then we have a FB snap of Siobhan’s little one in Florida. Well done Katherine & Fiona for keeping us updated on everyone. Love reading Things.

  5. Katherine Lester says

    Noted Phil – it’s the wine from Australia I suppose?