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THINGS: 11 JUNE 2017

Shake off those winter blues – OWR is having a musical night out!  


In remembrance of Sandra on their anniversary, OWR is going out with Fred to Mathilda on 26 August at the Civic Theatre at 7:30pm.

Matilda is a stage musical based on the 1988 children’s novel of the same name by Roald Dahl. This musical has gotten rave reviews around the world and is supposed to be even better than The Lion King.

DON’T WAIT – Fiona is organizing tickets and will purchase them Saturday 17 June.

If you are interested contact her AT ONCE:




Actually only Lions on Wednesday’s run as the troops ran and walked past Eden Park. Kudos to the runners – Jane, Grant, Brandon and canine Colin – and  the walkers – Barb, Fred, Shelley, Fleur, Ken and a new lady from Singapore who’s joined us out of the blue – isn’t that awesome –  who braved the traffic and the weather to ensure they got those steps in!

It was all hustle and bustle and excitement and we actually won – go Blues! Miracles do still happen.

You too can be part of the next adventure:

Wednesdays, 5:30 pm

St. Luke’s Shopping Centre, upper deck by the entrance close to the Moa pub and Event Cinema’s 1st floor.

Post run tipple:  Event Cinema lobby bar


Meanwhile, halfway ‘round the world, OWRers are having great adventures of their own.

IRISH EYES WERE SMILING when Lisa Harris caught up with Helen in Ireland. Unsurprisingly these ladies ran a race as well as tramped through some lovely Irish scenery.

Helen and Lisa participated in the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon in Dublin. It’s the largest all women’s event of its kind in the world, so Brett was a supporter this time. Still looks like he was amply rewarded for his efforts at the pub….

Helen and Lisa were anything but mournful walking in the mountains of Mourne.

ELSEWHERE IN IRELAND Verna continues her sojourn with her sister, Delwyn, dutifully documenting their adventures. They’ve walked many a mile over the last few weeks in rain (that’s why Ireland’s green, ladies) and sun, reviving themselves at quaint pubs.

OWR CONNECTIONS CONTINUED as Verna found a plaque on a bench in honour of Siobhan O’Kane’s grandfather. How cool is that!

Further south Veronica and Phil had A ROOM WITH A VIEW to die for in Tuscany. Classic Italian scenery… I can imagine it was tough to get on the bike and leave that!


This past Saturday’s run couldn’t have been more perfect weather.

We welcomed back some of the crew who’d been in sick bay for a number of weeks. Ken, Fred, Doug, Grant, Barb, Jane, Fiona, Mel and yours truly enjoyed the autumnal day.

Of course the obligatory trip to the top:

I’d like to note: proof that the sun is actually up before we run so no reason to think you can’t run because it’s dark.

There’s a spot for all: runners, walkers and hybrids so come on down to Cornwall Park, Saturdays at 7:30 am in the flagpole parking lot off of Green Lane entrance.

Post run coffee:  ~9:00am at Harmony Eatery, 49 Main Street, Ellerslie

THINGS 5:  BRANDON’S 60th BIRTHDAY RACE IN TAUPO: the Tauhara Trail Run/Walk!


The event is on Sunday morning. Most are driving down to Taupo on Saturday and back to Auckland on Sunday, so only one night accommodation required. I’ll organise a group dinner on Saturday night.”

There will be hot Baileys coffee for everyone at the finish. Proper coffee too, not that instant stuff. And lashings of Baileys. If it’s really cold, we might have to have some before the start too! Hic.”

When:           2 July 2017
Where:          Taupo
Distances:    5k, 10k and half marathon
Website:       http://tauharatrailrun.co.nz
Accommodation: Chelmswood Motel, 250 Lake Tce, www.chelmswood.co.nz

“[Brandon] will lead a “no-drop” pack that will run at approximately 6:30 min/km pace. No-drop means we stay together and make sure nobody gets dropped from the pack. It’s intended to be a fun event for us, not a full-on competitive thing.” Others will be doing shorter distances, so you won’t be alone either way.

It sounds like a lot of fun and much closer than France AND actually on his birthday (3 July). It’s a great weekend away – so if you want more information, let me know; I can pass on a document that contains all the details.


If you want some additional opportunities to stay fit over winter, a handful of us are at the Olympic Pool & Fitness Centre on Tuesday / Thursday mornings. You go at your own time, but coffee is at 8am at the Aqua Café. Send a text whenever you want to meet up so we know to look for you.



Mike McKeown has a birthday this coming Sunday 18 June  We’d love to see you at the Park next Saturday, Mike, so we can buy you a coffee to celebrate!






Gaye Shadbolt follows the next day, Monday 19th

Happy birthday ! Hope you both are spoiled.

Since we are on a Lion’s theme at the moment, I think I’ll leave you with this thought:

Have a good week.

Clippy Chick


  1. Thanks for the birthday wish…I will be celebrating this birthday in Thailand. Doug and I are off on Fri night with families lt to Bangkok and Phuket. The reason for the trip us our first grandchilds 21st birthday (Ellen-Marie). See you on our return 4 July.

  2. Love the Things. Thank you Katherine. Feel like you are all only a drive away – not a 33hr flight away.
    Great photos. Great update.

  3. Michael mckeown says

    Hi, thanks for the birthday wishes- as for saturday- unfortunately have Family staying over – so will have to take a ” rain Check ” Good to hear from you all….

  4. Nice work Katherine, lots of interesting ‘things’