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Things Tuesday 11th Dec 2018


Hello Everyone


Grab your pretzels and wine and wrap your eyes around this edition of Things to find out what you’ll be doing over the holidays.

Who am I kidding? Many of you are on perpetual holiday!!

Summer Break Dates

It goes without saying that you are welcome to bring your rellies, in-laws, out-laws and groupies along to any of the events below. The more the merrier. Canines are fine in Cornwall Park, Mission Bay and Kohi, but are a no go in Shakespear. (Sorry)

Wednesday 12th Dec – Last OWR night before Christmas. No-one to organise a Pub run this week (Verna come back, all is forgiven) but there will be drinks in the Rugby Club rooms afterwards. Be festive. Many of your co-runners and walkers are planning to wear red. Don’t miss out on the fun.

Yes Terry, you can wear your naughty Santa Suit and I am sure Brandon has a red tutu for the occasion. (Come to think of it, I don’t think Terry needs a suit to be naughty…)

Tuesday 25th Dec – Christmas Day – Meet at Mission Bay 8:00 am for a run, walk, swim or frolic. For those more interested in a lie in, meet us at the Coffee Club just after 9:15 am. BTW Wearing red is essential.

Wednesday 26th – Boxing Day – Meet at Kohi by the Loos, at 11am for a swim and then Picnic. Some might walk, run or frolic.

Monday 31st Dec – New Year’s Eve – It’s back to Shakespear Regional Park again this year. Meet at Okoromai Bay at 8:30am for a scenic run or walk followed by a picnic. Offers of BBQs welcome.


Wednesday 02 Jan 2019 – OWR Cornwall Park by the flagpole – at the usual time of 5:30pm. Bring a picnic tea.


Wednesday 09 Jan 2019 – OWR, normal routine resumes. Meet at Rugby Club Rooms at 5:30pm.

Saturdays – Meet at Mission Bay at 7:30. Chat with your buddies and keep going through the holidays if that suits. The normal Saturday routine will resume 5th Jan 2019.


All clear? Great. Let’s have a great summer break.


Some people have actually been quite busy these past months, challenging themselves at various events about the place. Well done all of you. It’s not about the winning it’s about taking part – but very well done to our podium winners. 🙂

Kohi Swims

What a lovely photo of this mob. Are they laughing at the rough and tumbly seas they are about to enter, or …..you write the caption.

Any excuse!


Well done everyone. A good splash out for all.

Thanks Barb for these results. It is such a help when people send me their results…hint hint.

*FTA – Finely tuned Athlete

People’s Tri – Maraetai

On the 11th of November Sandi and Bryan Wooldridge took themselves for an outing in Maraetai. Variously donning togs, cycling helmets and running shoes, the two of them had a very good day out.

Stolen from Sandi’s FB page

First Panasonic Olympic Tri of the season (at Maraetai). Not quite sure how I pulled off a 2:35:49 and 2nd place in age group, but certainly not unhappy with that given the last couple of weeks, lack of nutrition, injuries and weather conditions today. I learned things on the bike leg today and had the most relaxed and enjoyable, but fast for me, ride in an event that I’ve ever had.

I would like to point out that Bryan was there too. Alas there was not a picture to be had of Bryan. Apparently he is not on FB either!

Kerkeri Half Marathon

Each year a few seasoned souls take themselves north to Kerikeri for their annual trot around the Half Marathon course.

David missed the photo shoot as he went back to his digs to scrub up ready to receive his spot prize. Marion opted out on the day due to a cold. Gary and ETC strolled along the Kerikeri River while this lot were burning energy.

Sadly, Lisa Harris couldn’t make it this year, as she is just settling into her new life in Christchurch. But we fully expect her back next year!

Gary must have been indisposed when this shot was taken. Either that or he was taking a nap under the table.

Marion contributed to the local economy by dress shopping. She is wearing one of her new ensembles.


IronMaori – Napier

On the 1st of December, Verna and Russ made the trek to Napier to compete in the IronMaori as a team. There was a third member, to quote, “a fit young thing” who would have completed the swim had there been one. As it happened, the weather was not cooperative on the day and the swim leg was cancelled. Not to worry, the fit young thing got a run, Russ did the 90km bike leg and Verna did the 21km run. Their team time was 5:39:15 and they finished a handy 27th out of 75 competitors in their category. (He really must have been a fit young thing.)

Half Ironman Taupo

OWR has gone quiet on this event in recent years, so it was a lovely surprise to see so many of ‘our lot’ gearing up and getting out there on the 8th Dec. Well done to all of you. We had 2 teams, 2 people participating in other teams and Patti doing it solo.

Team 1: Grunt, Puff and Son

Swimmer: Doug,

Cyclist: Phil Ruddenklau,

Runner: Bryan Wooldridge

Total time 6:18:57. Grunt, Puff and Son finished 11th out of 12 for their category.

Team Grunt, Puff and Son support their runner, Bryan down the finishing Strait.


Team 2: Sandi and her Sidekicks

Swimmer: SWMBO

Cyclist: Sandi

Runner: Russ

Sandi and her Sidekicks completed the event in 5:34:28 and were placed 9th out of 34 in their category. Maybe they took the event seriously.

Verna reacting to instructions from Team Captain Sandi to take the event seriously.


Team 3: The Special K’s

Kirsteen was a swimmer in a team with her colleagues. Her team finished the event in 6:55:49 and placed 15th out of 21.

A (cute) midget photo bombed the picture of the swimmers.


Michael Cardin was a swimmer and cyclist for a team, but I don’t have the name of the team.

Finally, Patti Cardin out shone everyone and did the whole thing solo.

Swim: 41:56

Bike: 3:20:38

Run: 2:18:21

Total Time: 6:32:01

Patti was 16th out of 31 for her category. Simply awesome!


Phew! Well done everyone. I am worn out just checking out your results and writing about it.

Did you complete an event recently not covered here? Sorry my crystal ball is broken. Feel free to email me about your event and especially the results.

Stay cool over the holidays and be safe.

And the last word goes to the big red fat man:



  1. Verna Cook-Jackson says

    Fab post F. Great reading.

  2. Gilli Westy Chic says

    Ya’ll wearing me out reading that! Gosh I need to get back amongst it

  3. Marion L Morris says

    Awesome to catch all the news! See you all tonight x

  4. Clippy Chick says

    You left me out of Keri Keri results! Other than that, thank you