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September sings a song of spring … 


That’s what Barb and Jane said this week to their bosses, as both ladies turned in their badges, cleared out their desks and officially retired.

As a celebration of their new freedom, or possibly starting the next chapter of their lives as they mean to continue, BarbnJane also said “so long” to OWR and NZ Winter and zoomed to Christchurch before flying out to Europe for the next 6 weeks. They are not back until 26 October. Watch these pages as we shamelessly steal from their Facebook posts to keep everyone updated on their adventures!



Saturdays in Cornwall Park are throbbing with new life.



We’ve had pretty weekends……

… and soggy weekends….

… and pretty soggy weekends….

…So soggy in fact, that the troops Saturday week ago composed a poem with all contributing, except Fred, whose standards are much higher and therefore clearly didn’t want any part of it:

It is raining again, what is the crack?

Our feet are webbed and we all say quack

Fred hates this poem, give him a smack

Take care though, he’ll hit you right back

A bloke called Donald will give you the sack

Who could care, we dont give a whack

We’ll pull on our gumboots along with our mac

Head out the door and on to the track

Grannie Annie came Saturday sharp as a tack

Jane rushed off, we saw only her back

Barb went home for her holiday to pack

While Ken stirred his coffee all creamy and black

Getting up Saturdays, you just need the knack

The banter flows freely, we all get some flack

This is our poem you bed wallers all slack

The keys will fall silent, the end of the clack

Cornwall Park Warriors

Ummm…. I might be with Fred on this one….

We have been running pretty predictable paths over the wet winter however. Several weekends ago, inspired by the pretty weather, I wanted to run some different tracks. I told Jane I wanted to run that path that had the hill with the tree that we hadn’t done in months.

To Jane’s credit, the only words she said out loud were, “The hill with the tree… in Cornwall Park?”

It had been so long since we’d run there and I had no idea where that hill with the tree was, but off we ran.

“This hill?” said Jane.


“This hill?” asked Jane.

No and No we run it every week.

“THIS hill?” exasperated Jane

NO! Where was THAT hill?!?

“What about THIS one?” exasperated Jane…

YES!! That’s the Hill!

Needless to say, Jane was very glad to be done with looking for hills….




No barbers, just sunshine…

Brett and Helen have headed south to grab a bit of sun in Seville. Ahhh the good life….

Hurricane Harvey Hastens a Holiday

Very wisely Siobhan and Aron took Florida Finn away from Florida to visit grandparents in Connecticut so our lovely trio is safe and sound.

Hope your possessions have made it through ok.

No word from Dubai Mike and Co – last seen in Greece. Looking forward to updates….


The Wednesday night runs from St Luke’s are getting noticeably lighter. Torches are not needed until well after 6, which is exciting!

We’ve had some great turnouts in recent weeks, including Ali Harrison, back in the running group – terrific to see you back!

Even better, Phil brought a cake to celebrate his birthday!! Yummy chocolate made by Veronica which we all snarfed down, just like the good ole days at Jesmond Terrace. There was, however, no singing, given Terry wasn’t there AND it was a public place but it didn’t dampen the spirits any.

The best thing about being a grown up is that you can have chocolate cake, popcorn and wine for dinner and no one can tell you ‘no’.

St. Luke’s at 5:30 pm every Wednesday for a while yet.


We’ve had limited participation on Tuesdays but if you are looking to boost your running speed, the O’Hagan’s run on Tuesdays at 6pm is a great way to do it.

5km for $7 which includes a glass of wine, beer or juice.


Whether you work out before or after the coffee, there are a few of us meeting at 8am at the Aqua Café at the Olympic Pool for a quick coffee.

Feel free to come along!



As noted earlier, Phil celebrated his birthday on 4 September.

Barb is up next – today in fact – 17 September

Mike Fooy is tomorrow – 18 September

Helen O’Reido is celebrating on 29 September

And Jane is after that on 3 October.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAD AND LASSES! Hope you each have a wonderful day.



Well it wasn’t the ‘thanker’ that is belated but the messenger. Gaye emailed this a few weeks ago and it slipped through the email, so I’ll include it now:

“Thank you all so much for the great turnout from everyone in OWR. Also we were a bit overwhelmed by the lovely gift we received from you all. We will enjoy it immensely. Congrats also to Fiona for the beautiful cake which was well received by all. It was lovely.

We must catch up with Verna to find out what all these “other” stories were that she didn’t impart….

Thanks again – Gaye and Doug”

Our pleasure, of course. Grannie Annie wants to remind you that you only have 3 months to use it, and one has already clicked by….


Apparently Verna was not the lucky winner of $30 million in last night’s lotto . If she’s lucky, though, she might have a new friend in Taupo….

Lastly – it’s a big week for New Zealand. Don’t forget to Vote!

That’s all for this week.

Clippy Chick



  1. Thanks for the things (again)…
    I always love the updates from home. The spring photos are wonderful. Happy Birthday Barb and best wishes for your retirement and safe travels to Europe.
    I have been ask to stay out of our apartment in Split as the girls are preparing something special for my 60th birthday tomorrow. I don’t mind as I’m enjoying the summer sun in a 1700 year old place. It’s nice to spend six days here in Split with my dear Croatian friends Mickey and Maya. We will head to Barcelona next week.
    We have enjoyed Greece, Italy and now Croatia. I will try and post a few pics on the Facebook soon.
    Regards to you all…

  2. Grannie Annie says

    Wishing you a very happy 60th Mike, I did not think that you were at this age, must have been the stay in Dubai to keep you young looking?
    Barb and Jane enjoy your retirement, and of course your great trip
    Thank’s for all the update’s Katherine, and I hope you and David have a fantastic holiday, and enjoy the celebrations in Wales xx

  3. Thanks for your news. Its always nice to see your photos and hear what you guys are up to. What time do you guys start swimming? 7:00am? Regards, Peter

  4. Another super edition Katherine, so enjoy reading them.
    Peter – no one starts swimming at any particular time. Katherine & Shelley there are really early – 6.30-ish. Phil & Veronica, if they go, go at varying times. Doug, …. well … when he does goes, which isn’t very often lately … seems to get there at the big hand is heading toward 8 a.m., yet is always at the cafe for his coffee at 8 a.m. Magic!
    Love how so many of us OWR are so spread out around the world at all times.

  5. Myself and poet Lauriate Bretness O Reido are sitting in a noisy bar in Spain, drinking a well earned cerveza (again!) after a 15km hop to our next little town. We LOVE the poem, well done to all contributors, it put a smile on our dials. Loving things as we travel about or not, nice to hear what’s going on. Maybe we see a Jane and Barb in Europe??