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THINGS: 18 JUNE 2017

We go abroad to get a break from our life here and what happens? We end up meeting up with OWRs around the world! 


It’s probably not surprising since there seems to be more OWRs out of NZ than in it right now.


The leprechauns must be working their magic this year because everyone seems to be drawn to Ireland.  After showing off the handsome grandson to the Hungarian relatives, Siobhan and Aron took little Finn to his mother’s motherland and look who they found!

What a lovely chance for a catch up! Siobhan and Aron, it is time to bring that young man south! We’d like to see him down here.

Further south….

Two brunettes walked into a bar and… well maybe not a bar. But they certainly met outside one! Lisa and Verna found each other in a small town in southern England and like good kiwis went in search of a coffee for their catch-up.

It’s great to see such broad smiles and relaxed happy faces, although I suspect Verna’s smile is partly because she knows the long days of tramping across countries are finally over (for now). Lisa’s looking very well rested now she can sleep through the night with no babies awaiting her services. You ladies look fabulous.


Verna had another chance encounter when she came upon Grannie Annie in England! Has Grannie Annie been Secret Baking for others???


Hmmmm. Only a taste test will tell for sure. I hope, Verna, that you had some cake so you could report back….






The happiest of reunions, however, was probably for Veronica and Phil, who, after roughing it in Geneva due to really expensive hotels…

…Met up with their son, Simon, and his family in Switzerland. The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree; Simon and his wife are on a year-long cycling trip all over Europe and Asia, towing their young daughters behind them. (I suppose I need to stop complaining about dragging my bum up a hill on a bike …) Smiles and sunshine… can’t beat that.

Lest you think that random meetings are only happening half a world away, look who we ran into at Cornwall Park this week! Jerry had just done the Park Run while we hoofed it around the paddocks.


Meanwhile, those of us poor sods who are left in NZ are managing to squeeze in some exercise, although it is a bit difficult what with all the Sailing and Rugby on at the moment.

A motley crew of Barb, Jane, Doug, Grannie Annie, Brandon, Shelley, Fleur, Ken, Fred and Aly met on Wednesday this past week, and the weather conveniently held off for a good work out.

We note the dimming sky in the photo … fortunately only one more week to go and then the days will be getting longer! Spring and swimsuits will be here before you know it, so if you are a wee bit concerned about that thickening waistline, you know where to go:

Wednesdays, 5:30 pm

St. Luke’s Shopping Centre, upper deck by the entrance close to the Moa pub and Event Cinema’s 1st floor.

Post run tipple:  Event Cinema lobby bar



Doug and Gaye

have headed away

for lots of fun

in the warm Thai sun.

We hope to hear

Of much good cheer

As they celebrate

Their 50th year!

Annie and Murray slipped quietly away to France this week without so much as a whisper good-bye. (Could they have possibly been frantically trying to finish everything up before they went?? Nah, that never happens.)

They are off to the wedding of Murray’s son and a bit of a tour of France and the UK. We look forward to hearing all about it and hopefully seeing some pictures when they are back mid-July.



It was another lovely morning in Cornwall Park, again in spite of the forecast. We were missing Grant who had to work but glad to welcome Darilyn. She’s normally part of the summer swimmers and has kept Shelley company through many a mile in the sea; but we are very glad she’s decided to get out and walk with us.

In an unplanned coincidence both runners and walkers met at the top at the same time! A handsome young lad was coerced into taking a photo

There was some fun “Garmin Scribbling” as Fiona led us in figure 8’s around the obelisk.

And in case you were pooh-poohing my earlier comments that spring is around the corner, look what we found:

So if Wednesday’s at St. Luke’s is not convenient, Saturdays are another chance to find that summer body….

Where:       Cornwall Park by the Flagpole

When:        7:30 am

Runners, walkers and hybrids welcome!

Post run coffee:  ~9:00am at Harmony Eatery, 49 Main Street, Ellerslie


Busting Buttons!

Very proud we are of Liam Back (Lesa Davidson’s mini-me) who won the NZ National Cross Country Champs this past week! Well done, young man. You will go far. And much faster than the rest of us.

By the beautiful sea….    

The NZ Ocean Swim Series has just released their summer dates (see I told you spring was closer than you thought)

Harbour Crossing, Auckland, Nov 18

Bay of Islands, Russell, Dec 16

Capital Classic, Wellington, Jan 28

Legend of the Lake, Rotorua, Feb 17

Sand to Surf, Mt Maunganui, Mar 10

The Big Tahuna, Nelson, Mar 31

King of the Bays, Auckland, Apr 14




It has been a tradition for a number of us to kick off the summer by heading north to do the Kerikeri Half Marathon in November.

At this writing, Grannie Annie, Aly Kerins, Katherine and David, Verna, Doug and Gaye, Barb and Jane, and Grant have all booked ourselves in to do the Half Marathon on Saturday, 18 November.

Party Central is the Top 10 Holiday Park, although there is other accommodation in and around Kerikeri. Generally we head up on the Friday, do the race Saturday, meet for drinks and nibbles Saturday evening, then meet for brekkie on Sunday morning before heading out. Throw in a bit of shopping, great spot prizes and a street party and what more could you want?!

It’s a really nice weekend away, so if you are keen to come along, sort your accommodation and let us know to look out for you.  (Get the accommodation before you register as that can be the tricky bit.)


THING 7: BRANDON’S 60th BIRTHDAY RACE IN TAUPO: the Tauhara Trail Run/Walk!

The event is on Sunday morning. Most are driving down to Taupo on Saturday and back to Auckland on Sunday, so only one night accommodation required. I’ll organise a group dinner on Saturday night.”

There will be hot Baileys coffee for everyone at the finish. Proper coffee too, not that instant stuff. And lashings of Baileys. If it’s really cold, we might have to have some before the start too! Hic.”


When:           2 July 2017
Where:          Taupo
Distances:    5k, 10k and half marathon
Website:       http://tauharatrailrun.co.nz
Accommodation: Chelmswood Motel, 250 Lake Tce, www.chelmswood.co.nz (see below)

It sounds like a lot of fun and much closer than France AND actually on his birthday (3 July). It’s a great weekend away – so if you want more information, let me know; I can pass on a document that contains all the details.


Leticia Hughes celebrates her 42nd year on 22nd June settling into her new home in Rotorua. It looks fabulous and so do you lady. Hope you have a ball!

The last OWR birthday of the month is our own dear Fiona who celebrates on 24 June. Fortunately it is a SATURDAY so we will be able to buy her coffee and brekkie and NO you cannot sleep in just because it is your birthday.

Rock on Girl!

That’s all for this week.

Peace, baby


Clippy Chick


  1. Very well done Clippy Chick. I enjoy reading your Things.

    BTW I too have entered Kerikeri and booked in at Party Central.

  2. Dubai Mike says

    Wonderful update on things. I always enjoy the catchup from afar. I promise to contribute this month. Sadly I we will miss the Kerikeri Half by 4 days. Watch this space…

  3. Dubai Mike says

    Wonderful update on things. I always enjoy the catchup from afar. I promise to contribute this month. Sadly I we will miss th2e Kerikeri Half by 4 days. Watch this space…

  4. Love the photo of Doug and Gaye ! Will be in touch when we are more settled. Enjoying sunshine and warm conditions in Dublin, even went for a very short freezing sea swim. Xo H and B

  5. We are presently enjoying 37 degree weather in Phuket with the family and will celebrate our granddaughters 21st birthday on 25 June. Doug and Gaye

  6. Gosh, it’s a real birthday month… with Mike McKeown’s last Sunday, Gaye’s, Leticia’s, Fiona’s and Terry’s earlier on. Phew.
    Great Things Katherine. Maybe a little biased as first bit did feature moi quite a bit however it goes to show you the length of my dedication to OWR friends when I’m overseas – went to great lengths to see these folk!
    And the UK has finally got a heatwave. Past 5 days haven’t had to wear any of the polypropylenes that I had been wearing for weeks. No doubt they will come out in another week or 2.
    Who is going and doing Tauhara? It’s a great mountain – am envious.