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THINGS 2 April 2018

As summer fun fades into distant memory and a few yellow leaves shudder on the trees, it’s time to think about staying fit!

Please be sure to read on to the end for an important THINGS update.


The Thursday Night Kohi Habit is hard to break and several of us are keen to keep an evening swim/get together going. We are experimenting with a Thursday gathering at the Olympic Pool and Fitness Centre on Broadway in Newmarket. The idea being that you arrive sometime around or shortly after 6pm, depending on how long you want to swim, but meet in the Spa Pool for a brief catch up before we all dry off and head home. From time to time, we may add-in a post-swim gathering that includes a wine or such afterwards at the local across the street, but for now we are just going to figure out the swim bit. While the details will likely evolve as we test out the plan, for this week, here it is:

  • DATE:   Thursday, 5 April (and every Thursday thereafter presumably)
  • TIME:
    • Parking is free on Carlton Gore after 6pm and the traffic dies down by then as well.
    • Get yourself to the Olympic in time to do whatever length swim you would like. The Olympic has a great water-jogging lane as well, if you’d rather try that.
    • Finish your workout and meet in the Spa Pool at 7:15pm; stay as short or as long as you like (noting the pool closes at 8:30pm)
  • Dry off / shower / or etc and head on your merry way

The Olympic has 10-pack concession cards and senior rates, so it can be quite reasonable. Bring your own lock for the lockers. There are showers and hairdryers available for after.


The informal consensus is that we are still going to meet at the Puriri Drive Rugby Club Parking Lot at the usual time, 5:30pm on Wednesdays.

Drinks afterward:

The rugby season has ended (well the amateur one anyway) so drinks at the Rugby Club are dependent on kind souls who have keys for whom it is convenient to open, which is a lot to ask. So the Plan B drinks is around the corner at the bar at Alexander Park ~6:45 pm.


Again, the informal consensus was that it still should be light enough through April to meet at Mission Bay carpark at 7:30am for a run, walk or swim. I will update you when it changes.

This past weekend so a respectable crew, given the number of folks away for the holidays.

The Swimmers:

The Landlubbers:

The dawning day:


Most of you know about my new role with Pfizer. It is going to be difficult for me to continue to be the primary (often sole) writer of THINGS. I love writing it and reading it, but it is a struggle to get it out even once a month if I have to keep gathering the content as well as publishing it. So I’d like to offer some suggestions for the group and then request you email me or Fiona or Verna with your votes. Please do not post them in the comments section; it is easier for us to collate them from emails.

Option 1:  THINGS moves to Special Events only

It has been a wonderful publication, but maybe it’s time has passed? With the advent of Facebook and all, perhaps it is not as relevant anymore and maybe we use it for ‘Special Events / Announcements” only – like the Christmas pubs runs, change of season gathering place changes, ad hoc picnics etc? We assume that everyone knows the ‘regular’ meeting times and we use this only for anything unusual or unexpected.

 Option 2:  Someone else could elect to do it for a year

Maybe we deliberately rotate amongst us all?  It is important to note that the more frequently THINGS is published, the easier and quicker it is to do. Weekly is ideal. And better with some consistency like every Sunday or Monday night. The longer the time between pubs, the greater the number of hours to pull it together into a coherent format.

Option 3:   Evolving Things to purely “here’s what’s coming” site

My THINGS has been mostly “what’s happened” with very little “here’s what’s coming” as I just don’t have the time to do both. The majority of the workload is the gathering and reporting of information regarding “What’s Happened” – and that is predominantly trolling through Facebook posts and events results, so by removing this aspect and just focusing on future events, it makes a weekly THINGS much more manageable.

So what would this look like?

  • We move away from ‘what’s happened’ completely and encourage people to use Facebook as the sharing mechanism, with rare exceptions (like the pub run or picnics or things like that)
  • We bring back the Events list – Fiona is good at making it live in the site as long as people send her the link and details. She’s offered to keep the list updated technically if others send in the content. THINGs would focus on keeping everyone informed of events and registrations coming up. This could help encourage people to think about Team options more easily.
  • We continue to remind people of the ‘regular’ Wednesdays, Thursdays (possibly!), Saturdays and other special get-togethers (pub runs, picnics) and any changes to the regulars, without necessarily documenting them with photos unless it was an usual day (really stormy or spring has sprung or something but this would be the exception not the rule)

Option 4: Keep the “What’s Happened” and “What’s coming” by sharing the load

Since it is the trolling for content that takes so much time, this option puts the onus on Each Of Us to provide the content.

4a. Ad Hoc Input

It’s up to individuals to take the initiative and send in pictures, times and/or summaries to the coordinator. If no one sends it in, it doesn’t get into THINGs.

4b. Event point person

For more consistent and team approach, different individuals commit to being the point person for supplying pictures, finish times and write up for a series or single events (e.g. Kohi swims, Xterra runs, Panasonic Tris, Ironman 70.3 and full events, Stroke and Stride, Chelsea swim, etc)

Option 1: Special Events Only

                Option 2: Annual Rotation of responsibility (don’t vote for this unless you are willing to pick up the ball for a year)

                Option 3: What’s coming only

                Option 4a:  individual responsibility to send in content

                Option 4b: event point person to send in content

Send in your Votes and/or comments to email any or all of us:  katherinelester100@gmail.com; verna.tony@xtra.co.nz; gibsonfiona@hotmail.com

Please DO NOT post comments in THINGS as we will not be looking at it.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy break.

See you on Wednesday