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THINGS: 23 JULY 2017

It’s been a sketchy few weeks for Things with travel and all, so grab a cuppa and a cumfy chair and settle in for the Catch-Up Issue… 


This is what the forecast was saying:

Which led Barb to send a mass text about 6:30am saying they were not coming to Cornwall Park that wild and wet Saturday morning but would meet us for coffee. Of course, the responses only went back to Barb. Shelley agreed bed was better. Ken said he wouldn’t go either. I texted back “Ok” meaning “Ok I’ll see you at coffee” not “Ok I won’t come either.” But Barb thought I was out.

Fred said, “Don’t be silly, I’m going.”

So Barb and Jane thought “We can’t let Fred go by himself.” And Ken thought, “Well if Fred is going, I’m going too.”

Next thing you know, instead of snuggled up in bed with a book, the Fabulous Five were wandering the Park in the rain. It was drippy enough for umbrellas at the start, but, typical of Auckland, it dried up, then it poured, then it trickled, then it dried up and then it poured again. All in the course of an hour.

None of you will be surprised that Barb’s umbrella has its own little carrying case….

But all in all we actually weren’t that wet, and once replenished with coffee and buns, we were all glad we’d done it. And all because of Fred.

Thanks, Fred.

Saturdays, 7:30 am; Cornwall Park, Flagpole Parking Lot (to the left from the Greenlane entrance)


The sky was still light as we started the run/walk on Wednesday when we started out. It was mostly a walking crew, except for Brandon who did 10km. We were glad to welcome back some OWR Irregulars… Carole Young joined the run and Danny McDowell joined us for drinks at the Event afterwards. Nice to see you guys!

Wednesdays, 5:30 pm;    St. Luke’s Shopping Centre, upper deck, near Event Cinema’s 1st floor entrance. Post run tipple:  Event Cinema lobby bar


OWRs’ are still tripping around the globe, clocking the kilometres as they go.

In jolly old England…

Verna’s forced dog walks and sight-seeing have seen her average more than 10km a day, with a London day out hitting 30kms!

See, Verna, this is why it is nice to have a fancy gadget! We can see what you are up to.

Verna at Polsden Lacy


Touring near Le Tour….

Phil and Veronica are cycling through small towns in France, doing some of the tour rides. They are clearly getting fit and strong, having done, Alp’dhuez in 2 hours!

Yes it’s as bad as it looks










Uber alles….

Lisa was last heard from while in Germany, collecting kilometres by running through the major landmarks…

Lisa’s morning run in Berlin



It wasn’t just this past weekend that has had wild weather. Two weeks ago, Patti Carden and Shelley Clark waited through a long night to see if the Xterra event at Waiuku Forest was going to be cancelled or not. It wasn’t.

Unusually for Xterra, it was not pouring rain and blowing a gale.

However, typically for Xterra….

From Shelley:

“After extreme weather warnings and notification of possible cancellation of the event, the weather turned out ok. My buddies had all withdrawn, so I set off on my own. This was my 3rd time undertaking the Xterra in Waiuku Forest, so I knew that the Waiuku Forest is planted on great sand dunes. This base under the vegetation means the forest trails drain quickly. It was the usual mix of ups n downs and – as you can see in the photo – a lovely deep mud pool option as well. When Patty Carden swooshed past me as she ran to finish her long run, I noted she had chosen to take the overland route avoiding the mud pool.
All in all, another fun Xterra event. Next one is Sunday 30 June at Totara  park. It would be good to have a few more buddies.”


If the winter pounds are piling on and you’re looking to get your groove back, there’s nothing like committing to races to bump you into increasing that winter training.

Over hill and over dale…

Xterra Off Road

There are still a few more Xterra’s left this season. Shelley and Gary will be there, and likely Patti too.

Totara Park, Sunday 30 July

Waharau Regional Park, Sunday 20 August

Hunua Ranges, Sunday 10 September

By the beautiful sea….

NZ Ocean Swim Series summer dates:

Harbour Crossing, Auckland, Nov 18

Bay of Islands, Russell, Dec 16

Capital Classic, Wellington, Jan 28

Legend of the Lake, Rotorua, Feb 17

Sand to Surf, Mt Maunganui, Mar 10

The Big Tahuna, Nelson, Mar 31

King of the Bays, Auckland, Apr 14


Kohi Summer Swim Series

Thursdays at 6:15pm, beginning 2 November. Registration is open now.




OWR is hitting the road! We’ve got a critical mass of folks going to a few events and we are always happy for others to come along.


There are 15 of us who have booked our apartments in anticipation of participating in the Gold Coast Race next winter!

The 5.7km and 10km races are on Saturday 30 June; the 15, 21 and 42 km races are on Sunday, 1 July. Registrations haven’t opened yet, but we’ll keep you informed.

Most of us are flying in on Friday 29, June and leaving on Tuesday, 3 July. Grant, Mel, Brandon & Amanda are all looking for apartment mates, so feel free to reach out. Then let Barb know as she is keeping track.


KERI KERI HALF MARATHON, 18 November 2017        

It has been a tradition for a number of us to kick off the summer by heading north to do the Kerikeri Half Marathon in November.

At this writing, Grannie Annie, Aly Kerins, Katherine and David, Verna, Doug and Gaye, Barb and Jane, and Grant have all booked ourselves in to do the Half Marathon on Saturday, 18 November.

It’s a really nice weekend away, so if you are keen to join in, you can reach out to me for more info.



Alas most of July has flown past, without due acknowledgement of our mid-year birthdays.

Brandon celebrated his Big ‘0’ birthday with a wonderful weekend away doing the Tauhara Trail Run in Taupo with 8 other runners.

The weather held out and his weekend was “absolutely perfect in every way.”

What more can we say? Congrats BW.

Verna (7 July) and Veronica (11 July) were both in Europe for their respective birthdays. Verna also celebrated a milestone birthday but I’m not allowed to say which one. She spent a quiet day with friends in Wales…

….while Veronica and Phil had a fab real French meal… in France.

Paula Leigh (12th) and Paul Harrison (13) had birthdays the following week … hope you both had terrific days.

We still have a few coming up… Aly Kerins is celebrating on Wednesday 26 July… of COURSE you’ll be running at St Luke’s with us I’m sure…. And Danny Farnham has his special day on Thursday 27 July.


There was much joy at Murray’s son’s wedding in France. Apparently it’s not just a ceremony but games and parties as well and went on for days…. How wonderful that Murray and Annie could be there as Dan and Laetitia begin their lives together.

Unfortunately, the circle of life swung back the other way just a few days later. The lovely holiday was cut short when Annie’s mother suffered a stroke. Alas Annie didn’t make it back in time to see her 93 year old mother before she passed away.

Our hearts go out to you, Annie.


That’s all for this week.

Clippy Chick


  1. Grannie Annie says

    Thank’s for the great update Katherine, and last Saturday at Cornwall Park just goes to show what friendship is all about and making the decision to go rain, hail or shine.

    Coffee was well worth it afterwards xx

  2. Great job you are doing Clippy Chick x