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THINGS: 23 November 2017

It’s all picking up again….

Everyone is out and about doing lots of fun things. I can’t keep up with it all so please send me info to post!!



Summer Schedule sees most of us on Wednesdays is at the Rugby Club venue.

1 Nov – look the sun is out!


15 Nov

22 Nov – just me and the boys until Carole and Lay showed up!

We are enjoying the Cornwall Park venue both for the run and for the ‘afters’. Although we have been distracted by birds….

Mum and chicks

And friends like LESA DAVIDSON who we hope will join us on future Wednesdays….

And Flying Objects (yes that’s a random stranger)

boys and their toys

But most importantly, we are earning the chips and beers….

When:        Wednesdays, 5:30 PM

Where:  Grammar Carlton Rugby Football Club Inc

2 Puriri Dr, Epsom, Auckland 1051, New Zealand

The rugby club is on the Campbell Crescent edge of Cornwall Park. There is free parking and drinks afterwards are at the Club upstairs.As an option, there are a few still wanting to meet at St. Luke’s shopping centre – if that’s better for you, reach out to Brandon.


Kohi Swims are back every Thursday through the summer. The first week it was rough and choppy but Marion, Doug, Darilyn and Shelley didn’t let it slow them down. They are smiling because they are sooo glad it is over.

November 9 the tide was very far out – Shelley’s report:

“This Thursday evening’s race start was at dead low tide. It meant the walk to the start was 250m off the beach. Lovely conditions until we got out to the 1km buoy, then we found the choppy waves. Grant joined us for his first Kohi swim in a long time.

Doug, Dari, and Grant whipped thru 1k.

Marion and I did the 1.5k and we were pleased not to go any further.”


16 November report from Shelley

“The determined quartet of Doug, Marion, Darilyn and Shelley were joined by a visitor from Taupo….yes Verna choose to have her first wetsuit swim of the season at last week’s Kohi swim. A good choice as the tide was high and, for a Kohi swim, the waves were moderate.  Marion and Shelley again kept each other honest on the 1.5km course, finishing within a minute of each other. The rest of them whipped around the 1km.

 Mike Carden thought he could have his swim before the event and still keep his commitment to meet Pattie in the Domain oops he was going to be rather late….     The water is definitely warming so for those of you using ‘it’s too cold’ as your excuse, well, too late.”

Good results though – you all must have been doing winter training…


Many of us enjoy the Kerikeri Half Marathon and come every year as our kick-off to the summer. We make a weekend of it with party central at the Top Ten Holiday Park. But many of us take the Friday and enjoy the journey as much as the destination.


It’s always an amazing event; so we were quite dismayed on Friday night to see this:

To note, the big blue mass was heading southwest directly toward us and not away.

Indeed at 5:44am it looked like this:

And at lunch it still looked like this:

Where is Kerikeri? Do you see Kerikeri?

We left at 6:15 am and as the Cold (yes COLD) biting wind whipped at our wet, getting wetter, clothes, there were many comments along the lines of ‘why are we doing this?’ – but, no one wanting to be the first to pike out, we all did the race.

However, there are no race photos. Between the garbage bags we were wearing for warmth that covered our numbers and the fact we didn’t bring our phones due to the wet, no one was in the documenting mood. Besides, at any moment, someone would cave and we’d all hitch a ride home.

It was very wet and very windy – lashing us from the southwest most of the way – and not pleasant at all. In fact the prize-giving and the famous post-race street party were all cancelled as it WAS STILL RAINING. That being said, generally most of us were pleased with our times:

And we enjoyed our beer afterwards at the pub

Fiona and Barb compare Garmin data (oh there’s a surprise) while Jane and Verna chat


David and Katherine

Lisa and Anna

Oh well, there’s always next year.


While 10 of us were drowning in liquid sunshine in Kerikeri, those back in Auckland still met for the swim. From Shelley:

“There were no foot-based landlubbers from OWR. Sandi set off on her bike to do her reverse version of the harbour crossing, riding home via the Devonport ferry. Brian joined Marion, Darilyn, Pattie, Kath, Shelley and 2 Black sand members for what was going to be a 45 min swim.  Tide and wind were heading towards city and to quote one swimmer, “it’s a bit tougher out here than it looked from the beach” so the 2km swim took an hour. While some of us were refuelling we spotted Phil walking his bike along the footpath looking for someone to have a cuppa with… so we obliged.” 

I presume the tide was much better than last week when the swimmers walked their swim:

In spite of tides, and winds, we are having good turn outs – swimming, walking, running are all supported, so please come join us. Saturday samples:

it’s great at full tide


It’s still a bit of a challenge getting started

The walkers stride out

Where:       Mission Bay city-side carpark

When:        7:30 am

Post run/swim coffee:  ~9:00am at Mission Bay Cafe


There is still a small group meeting at Olympic Pool’s Aqua Café at 8am-815am for coffee. For some it’s post workout and for others, pre-work out, but either way if you want a reason to haul your bum out of bed and get to the gym, perhaps this will tempt you.


For those who want to pick up their running speed, the Tuesday runs at O’Hagan’s pub in the Viaduct could be just the thing. $7 for a 5km – long enough to get your pace up but short enough to push it.

Gun time is 6pm, so get there a bit early to register. Did we mention your $7 also gets you a free beer, wine or fruit juice???

And you get to hang with these finely tuned athletes…

7 November 2017
Patti Carden 25.38
Paul Harrison 25.18
Tony King 30.27

My apologies to Verna who has been so diligent in sending me results …. I somehow ended up with only these. Please keep reporting!


This year’s Pub Run is on 13 December.

Volunteers requested to help plan the route! Contact Katherine at above email. Please! really need some of your creative juices!


Today is American Thanksgiving…

When the Pilgrims landed in Massachusetts, they were following other groups before them, many of whom did not survive. The Pilgrims survived their first winter and planted their first crops in the new land because of the native Americans who helped and supported them. After the successful harvest, they held a feast of thanksgiving, inviting all and sundry, including the native Americans as a way of saying Thank You.

This tradition continues today – it is not a religious holiday but one of inclusiveness. Many thanksgiving tables include single work colleagues, couples, university students that attend your running group or church group, Great Aunt Sophie’s best friend who has no relation to anyone at the table…. everyone is welcome and everyone is included.  I’ve regularly cooked Thanksgiving meals for 20+ people (mind you, everyone pitches in) because it is about communities and people coming together to remember how lucky we all are.

So all these miles away, I won’t be cooking a turkey, but I’d like to give thanks to all of you who grace these pages. You make my life full of sunshine and laughter, support and fun. And I am truly grateful.


Until next time, Happy Thanksgiving

Clippy chick


  1. Great Things Katherine. Love all the news. And all the photos.

    Go OWR!