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THINGS 26 Jan 2018

If a picture is worth a 1000 words …..then this is the size of a Russian novel! But before we get to that….


For those who are interested in a run or a walk and a self-catered picnic:

We are meeting at Parnell Rose Garden – drive in through the arch and way to the back to park. We’ll walk up and around to St Stephens Chapel and about, then get together for a picnic – very casual bring your own.

When:  Sunday 28 January, 4:30pm

Where: Parnell Rose Garden


Saturday mornings at Mission Bay, city-side car park, 7:30 am

Run, walk, swim, then coffee at the Coffee Club

Wednesday evenings at Puriri Drive rugby club, 5:30 pm

Run, walk, then drinks at the upstairs pub


What a glorious summer we have had so far….

Wednesday December 6

Saturday December 9

While the regulars were enjoying a good summer walk in Dingle Dell

three of us were melting in Taupo

Pub run 13 December

16 December – Saturday

The swimmers

The walkers …

Barb leads us on an adventure… it was a little precarious at first

and involved scrambling….

And we weren’t always certain where we were…

but it came out all right in the end…

23 December

the sea was rough…

so the walkers were smiling…

but we all enjoyed coffee!

25 December – Merry Christmas!

Finally – after several wet wild and cold Christmas mornings, we get the perfect day!

And we had a great turnout!

And a lovely coffee

31 December: New Years Eve Day at Shakespeare Park

down to a waterfall

then up to the top

then a picnic…

with a PRIZE!  Congratulations Fiona for 365 days of 10,000 or more steps a day! It’s an awesome achievement!

2018 off to a good start – we’re all back at it again

3 January and 6 January had lots of photos but they were too big to upload alas.

Nevertheless proof exists they people were out and about!

11 Jan 

the swimmers were back at Kohi

13 January

17 January

We’re not quite sure why Lay and Anna decided to chat up the cops…..

20 January

Swimmers are looking skeptical

with good reason

25 January

the sea was much better for Kohi

And we’re up to date! Mostly.

Hopefully see some of you around…


Clippy chick


  1. Great episode, love keeping in touch through these photos XX Helly Welly !

  2. Nice work Katherine x