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THINGS: 5 June 2017

How can it be June????? 

THINGS 1: Comings and Goings

In addition to the going of May and coming of June, we’ve had a number of OWRs who are going away from the winter in Auckland for sunnier, warmer climes.

Verna left us in mid-May for the Highlands, walking coast to coast in Scotland. The sun has stayed mostly for her, so, pressing her luck, she’s now headed to Ireland where she may … or may not… run into The O’Reido’s… who, after many long, food-filled fare-welling, departed for a long sojourn in Ireland…. possibly many years…


There Helen will run and jump and play and make all the Irish women in the 55-59 age group grumpy and Brett will write inspired poetry. How will Eire’s magic spell change our Brett? Will he take up a pipe? Develop a fondness for Jameson’s? Come back responding to every crisis with “Jesus, Mary and Joseph…”, buy a tweed jacket? Learn 500 new words to describe rain?  We shall see.

We hope you both enjoy your time away

Without any fanfare but at least a coffee goodbye, Veronica and Phil left last week for a two month cycling tour of Italy, Spain and France. While some of us would approach the carrying of all our worldly goods on a bike for two months with a bit of trepidation, this is the Ruddenklau’s happy place. We look forward to following their journey.

Next out the door are Annie and Murray, who are heading to France and the UK on 14 June for a month. We hope to see you Saturday to bid you farewell before you go!

(Barb and Jane will be heading north as well but not until September, so we won’t worry about that now.)

On the Coming side, Lesa and Brian have returned to Auckland. They’ve kept it very quiet but they can’t hide!

New projects and jobs up here. So after much packing, unpacking, repacking let’s hope it all settles down for a while. Welcome home!

THINGS 2: Brandon’s 60th Birthday Bash: the Tauhara Trail Run/Walk!

Even though he doesn’t look it, Brandon is actually turning 60 this year and to celebrate, he’s organizing a run! (I’d just have a party, with drinks and food and no exercise at all except for your elbow, but that’s just me.)

From Brandon –

Because Medoc didn’t work out, I’m creating my own version. There will be hot Baileys coffee for everyone at the finish. Proper coffee too, not that instant stuff. And lashings of Baileys. If it’s really cold, we might have to have some before the start too! Hic. The event is on Sunday morning. Most are driving down to Taupo on Saturday and back to Auckland on Sunday, so only one night accommodation required. I’ll organise a group dinner on Saturday night.”

Highlights as follows:

When:                2 July 2017
Where:               Taupo
Distances:          5k, 10k and half marathon
Website:             http://tauharatrailrun.co.nz
Accommodation: Chelmswood Motel, 250 Lake Tce, www.chelmswood.co.nz (see below)

Entry fees

Distance Option Adult Senior
5km run or walk $40 $30 $20
10km run or walk $50 $40 $20
21km run or walk $69 $50 $20

“[Brandon] will lead a “no-drop” pack that will run at approximately 6:30 min/km pace. No-drop means we stay together and make sure nobody gets dropped from the pack. It’s intended to be a fun event for us, not a full-on competitive thing.” Others will be doing shorter distances, so you won’t be alone either way. 

It sounds like a lot of fun and much closer than France AND actually on his birthday (3 July). It’s a great weekend away – so if you want more information, let me know; I can pass on a document that contains all the details. .


THING 3: Lots of great Saturday runs/walks in the Park

Auckland winter has definitely come – it’s been sunny …

And soggy…

And windy…

And spooky…

But never ever boring and always followed by coffee!

Come along – 7:30 am (yes the sun’s up), Cornwall Park, flagpole parking lot

THING 4:   Wednesday’s at St. Luke’s 

Two weeks ago, we practically drowned. As Barb put it:

“Five souls braved the elements last night with Jane accompanying lone walker Ken, while Katherine, Doug and I ran/jogged/trotted……. Went by No 8 – Scaffolding up and a bit of work being done. We think it may have a new roof and they’ve have taken the cladding off. Doug climbed up the side of the skip [Editor: is this legal?] to examine the contents with torch in hand – Should have had my camera!!  Then it was down to Jane, Ken & I for a drink at Events Cinemas, as Doug sped home to get into dry clothes and Katherine to the supermarket for groceries. Others??? Annie has a hamstring niggle, Fred succumbed to the bot and Grant working.”

So they say.

But then this week, it was perfect weather. So good in fact, we forgot to take pictures. But fun popcorn and beers afterwards with Ken, Barb, Jane, Aly, Anna, Grant, Katherine, Doug and even Brandon – back from the bot – having a laugh. A nice distance too… once around the park and back again…


All are welcome: 5:30 St Luke’s shopping centre at the back, penultimate level….


THING 5: Birthday boys and babes

We have several June birthdays coming up:

This week on the 6th: Terry

Hope you have a lovely day with your best girl by your side!

18th and 19th are Mike McKeown and Gaye, with Fiona following on 24th~ I’ll try to remind you as we get closer.


That’s about all for now folks. A last word:

Have a good week.

Clippy Chick


  1. Well done Clippy ! Keep up the good work !

  2. Love your Things Katherine. Great catch up and round up.
    Totally peeved Brandon’s organised his birthday bash in Taupo while I’m not there though.
    And Mt Tauhara … have fun!

  3. Grannie Annie says:

    Happy Birthday for today (6th) Terry have a great day, gold card getting closer !!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy your day xx