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THINGS: 8 April 2018

A summery weekend in autumn never goes amiss….


Last Thursday’s Olympic night had a good turn-out – no pictures because my camera isn’t waterproof, but Doug, Shelley, Katherine, Phil, Barb and Karen all did some combo of swimming and water-jogging.

We have made some changes ahead of this week’s swim, namely we are going for beer afterwards…. (the more things change, the more they stay the same…)

  • PLACE: Olympic Pool and Fitness Centre on Broadway in Newmarket
  • DATE:   Thursday, 5 April (and every Thursday thereafter presumably)
  • TIME:
    • Get there when you want depending on how long you want to be in there
    • Parking is free on Carlton Gore after 6pm and the traffic dies down by then as well.
    • Finish your workout and meet across the street at Tucks and Bao (behind the Olympic on Carlton Gore) 7:00-7:15pm


The Olympic has 10-pack concession cards and senior rates, so it can be quite reasonable. Bring your own lock for the lockers. There are showers and hairdryers available for after.


When we started gathering at the parking area in the Puriri Rugby club lot about 5pm, the sun was shining, a few happy puffy clouds were skipping past and giving shape to the blue sky….

By 5:30 pm the rain had started…. Katherine and Jane were running with no umbrellas so decided to get started to keep warm. Some walkers moved ahead and some waited for some late-comers – hence no starting photo.

By the time we got back the rain had stopped but … it was dark and we were wet, so many of us headed home.

Carole brought some popcorn which Ken was more than happy to help her with.

However, the drinks plan is as follows:

The rugby season has ended (well the amateur one anyway) so drinks at the Rugby Club are dependent on kind souls who have keys for whom it is convenient to open, which is a lot to ask. So the Plan B drinks is around the corner at the bar at Alexander Park ~6:45 pm.

DO THE BRIGHT THING…. be visible and be seen!

ALSO… since it is now Dark and Spooky toward the end of the run, it’s time to pull out your HIGH VIZ VESTS and torches!



Again, the informal consensus was that it still should be light enough through April to meet at Mission Bay carpark at 7:30am for a run, walk or swim. I will update you when it changes. We had a good crew of swimmers and runners and walkers this week.

The water was divine…

The peeps were ready to roll…

And we managed to get everyone lined up for a picture!


Here’s a February and March recap of our adventures to remind us of the warmth as the night’s grow colder…

27 January 

The runners / walkers had quite an adventure

a stunning view

then a meeting of old friends….

and we met up with a not-so-old friend….

Auckland Anniversary Picnic at Parnell Rose Gardens

Phil checks out the local landscape

Jane and David warm up

the crew waits to begin…

And then we are off!

Now for the picnic!

Very lovely but we couldn’t figure out why the bottom of Anna’s shoes had the H’s…

2 February

Walkers almost ready to go

Preparations take a lot of time

Kath is camera-shy…

Fred waits patiently

10 February

The next week was no where near as lovely…

Where’s Rangitoto?

Definitely a moist and misty day…

but it didn’t stop Phil and Veronica from getting out on bikes. Here they pause to say hello in their multi-hour ride

Not surprisingly, no swimmers today. But the few and hardy crew are ready to go… and are even prepared to defend themselves with some quite large cucumbers….

17 March

A lovely morning.

Shelley’s ready to get into that pretty sea

All in green for St Patrick’s Day

St. Helier’s newest resident…

And finally … Team Bean Rock. The sea was not terribly friendly…

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April babies are all at the front of the calendar – belated birthday wishes to Ken (1 April) and Patti (4 April) and Happy Birthday TODAY to Glenn! Hope you’ve had wild birthdays!

That’s all for this week.

Have a good week