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THINGS Monday 3rd February 2014

Dear All. A big thank to Verna again this week, who once again has supplied all of the results and who did what to whom.

In addition, a huge vote of thanks to Helen, Charmayne and Brandon who have offered event reports. It makes THINGS so much more interesting than just results.

Also, Grant has come up with a great new suggestion for THINGs, read on below, and Shelley had the bright idea to move the Waitangi Day picnic to Kohi.

Finally thank to you Katherine and Charmayne for their contributions to the Funny Bone below.

THING One: Waitangi Day Picnic

Important notice – change of venue

The Waitangi Picnic is being moved by popular request to Kohi, to Vellenoweth Green – the reserve across the road from Kohi Beach where our swimmers will be racing.

Swimmers: Gather as usual for your salt water assault.

Walkers and Runners: Gather suited and booted for a 5:30 start

Huia Cyclists: Rattle your aching limbs and other body parts and come and join the rest of the OWR mob on the green.

All: Bring a picnic tea for afterwards at about 6:30-7pm.

By this time the swimmers will have swum, showered and shone and will be ready to dine with their foot weary buddies. Also our fatigued Huia Ride cyclists will have had a chance to gather themselves up and head to Kohi.

Please pass this message on to those (Kath) who do not have time to read THINGs.

THING Two: O’Hagan’s 5km – Tuesday 29th

Thanks to Verna for these results


Well done all of you. Great see TK back in form.

THING Three: Kohi Results – Thursday 30th

Thanks again to Verna for these results

Distance Name Time

Well done all of you in what I heard described as trying conditions.

Here is an event report from Brandon

It was really rough from buoy 3 out and all the way back to buoy 1. I copped a wave right down the windpipe as I was taking a breath. Lost a good minute with that. And had goggle troubles again. Lost a good minute with that. The pack was 200 metres out before I got going properly. Overall, not one of the nicest swims for me.

Verna, I hope you laid a big guilt trip on your inconsiderate massage client for having to miss Kohi because of their slacktitude.

Cheers, Brandon

THING Four: Eve’s Multi Sport

Thanks to Helen O’ for this event report.

I was down at the Eves Multi sport weekend in Rotorua. It’s a great low key club event held by the RATS of Rotorua, out at the blue lake.

On a beautiful sunny Saturday morning I ran and swam, 5.5k run around the lake then, a quick 800m, 400m x 2 lap swim in the lake. The second lap is always the more enjoyable one, no wetsuit of course, and your arms work better on the second lap. It really is a different race running first and then swimming !!

Next came the swim down the Blue lake on Sat evening; 2km. It was AWFUL!! By then the wind had gottten up and the sun was setting. Try spotting a small white buoy, somewhere over “near the trees” [ I kid you not] while trying to swim directly into the sun. It was terrible. You couldn’t see it from the beach when you started and definitely couldn’t see when you swam. I was well out to the right when I finally spotted it, so had to turn backwards, round the buoy and then swim another 1k to the beach at the far end. That was no problem except for the pesky waves from swimming directly in to the wind.

Sunday morning – the triathlon 850m swim. I really enjoyed that but ooh my arms were tired, it was a bit of a jaded effort. I was in a team so that was my job done for the day.

I really enjoy Rotorua for this weekend. The location is just fab.


THING Five: Kinloch Tri

Well done to our lot at Kinloch over the weekend. This has been a great event for OWRs over the years and it is great to see OWRs still giving it all they have.

Name Swim Bike Run Total
Jerry Fletcher 18.09 52.56 33.02 01.48.29
Charmayne Johnstone 15.48 58.26 43.34 02.03.34

Event Report from Charmayne

Just an update re Kinloch. It was a very hard day in the office. There was wind at 25 with gusts up to 35. Anyone who knows the bike course will know how hard it is even if there is no wind. My legs felt dead before I even got to the hardest hills. Anyway I finished and would not have qualified even if I had been as fast as last year.

Winner did 1:29:56 so to qualify I would have needed to do under 1:48:00.

My times for the swim and bike were up with the others but again I lost out on the run.

The stink bit was that Tri NZ moved my bike and all my gear to make way for the elite men before we finished our race, and they lost my goggles. I was rather cheesed off about that as I have had them for about 10 years and they fitted me perfectly and never leaked. They weren’t even sorry. Tri NZ are not in my good books at all.

Good news though for Jerry. He qualified for the worlds in the 70-74yrs.

We all recorded a video to send to Garth Barfoot as well at prizegiving.

I think that’s all.


THING Six: Bean Rock Light House Swim

This is a 3.2 km swim which can be quite tough, especially as the lighthouse is approached.  It can feel like swimming in a treadmill. Well done Doug and Grant who once again took on this challenge.

Name Time
Doug Shadbolt 1.08.25
Grant Pratt 1.08.54

THING Seven: IronMaori

For those who have yet to think as far ahead as summer next season – more particularly, your sporting goals for next summer – begin the goals in December – contemplate something totally different.  Individually or as part of a team.

VERNA: Registrations open March 29th 7am for IRONMAORI 1/4 IRONMAN And IRONMAORI 1/2 IRONMAN, just to get you all excited here’s a video that will get you going whanau x


It is a lovely weekend away in Napier, preferably a lovely few days.

Entries close within days.

THING Eight:Tough Guys & Gals

Entries are now open for the hugely popular Hydr8 Zero Tough Guy & Gal Challenge Series!


New Zealand’s original mud run series, the Tough Guy & Gal Challenge is expanding to six venues across the North Island in 2014. The series, now it its 12th year will feature 12 events across 6 locations; Napier, Palmerston North, Auckland, New Plymouth, Wellington and Rotorua.

The Events
24 May: Cape Kidnappers, Hawkes Bay
7 June: Linton Army Camp, Palmerston North
21, 22, 28, 29 June: Woodhill Sands Equestrian Centre, Auckland
12 July: Inglewood, Taranaki
26, 27 July: Wainuiomata, Wellington
9, 16, 23 August: Lakes Ranch, Rotorua

Event Options
6km (one lap) and 12km (two lap) options available at all venues. The courses are all unique and include magnificent scenary, water trails, net climbs, barb wire crawls, swamp crossings, wobbly bridges, wire bridges, hurdles and of course…lots of mud!

THING Nine: Buy, Bargain, Barter

There has been a request from an OWR who is keen to support a spot in THINGS for OWRs to buy and sell pre-loved equipment. Please forward me your items to buy or sell on gibsonfiona@hotmail.com . Photos are good.

THING Ten: Lotto Lady’s Lament

From Helen

I have to check tickets for the last two weeks, fingers crossed !
Mike McKeown and Verna have put moneys in my account,


for those of you who still wish to be part of the syndicate….. be quick !
H 🙂

THING Elven: Funnybone

As the last few weeks of Ironman training bite hard and bike rides are of 5-7 hours duration (depending on who you ask), some might relate to the meerkat below.

For others, the romance of triathlon is alive and well. . .

From Katherine Lester

For athletes, food is always on the mind. . .

From Charmayne, who ate the light bulbs and became a bright spark!

And if none of that has tickled you to the core, then check out this Link

And that is it for this week. Thanks again to the contributors. It is a great feeling to have a shared blog.

Ka Kite Ano
ETC xx

PS Dubai Mike – 12345…15 I just don’t get it. And I love number patterns. Will publish when/ if I figure it out.

Up Coming Events

Nothing is impossible to the willing mind

When Event What Where Link
Sun 9th Feb Tri (Sprint) Tri Christchurch Link
Sat 22nd Feb La Grande Swim Swim Akaroa, Chch Link
Sat 22nd Feb Taupo Great Lake Relay Run Taupo Link
Sun 23rd Feb Rangitoto Swim Swim Auckland Link
Sun 23rd Feb Stirling Half Marathon Run Auckland Link
Sat 1st Mar Ironman Tri Taupo Link
Sat 8th Mar Tri (Sprint/Std) Tri Wellington Link
Sun 9th Mar Rotorua Off Road Half Marathon Run Rotorua Link
Sun 16th Mar Panasonic Tri Tri Maraetai Beach Link
Sat 22nd Mar Sand to Surf Swim Swim Mt Maunganui Link
Sat 22nd Mar Motutapu – Rangitoto Traverse (Multiple options) Mtn Run Motutapu & Rangitoto Islands Link
Sat 29th Mar Moon Ride (Mtn Bike) Mtn Bike Rotorua Link
Sat 5th Apr 14 Rotorua to Taupo 100k Flyer Bike Rotorua Link
Sun 6th Apr Tri (Sprint/Std) Tri Auckland Link
Sat 12th Apr King of the Bays Swim Swim Milford, Auckland Link
Sun 27th Apr Panasonic Tri Tri Mission Bay Link
Sat 03rd May 14 Rotorua Marathon Run Rotorua Link
Sun 11th May Sri Chinmoy  5km to 21.1km Run Auckland Domain Link
24th May 14 Tough Guy & Girl Challenge Mud Run Cape Kidnappers, Hawkes Bay Link
Sat 07th Jun 14 Tough Guy & Girl Challenge Mud Run Linton Army Camp

Palmerston North

Sun 8th Jun Sri Chinmoy  5km to 21.1km Run Auckland Domain Link
21/22 Jun 14 Tough Guy & Girl Challenge Mud Run Woodhill Sands Equestrian Centre, Auck Link
28/29 Jun 14 Tough Guy & Girl Challenge Mud Run Woodhill Sands Equestrian Centre, Auckland Link
Sat 12th Jul 14 Tough Guy & Girl Challenge Mud Run Inglewood, New Plymouth Link
Sun 13th Jul 14 Sri Chinmoy  5km to 21.1km Run Auckland Domain Link
26/27 Jul 14 Tough Guy & Girl Challenge Mud Run Wainuiomata, Wellington Link
Sat 09 Aug 14 Tough Guy & Girl Challenge Mud Run Lakes Ranch, Rotorua Link
Sun 10th Aug 14 Sri Chinmoy  5km to 21.1km Run Auckland Domain Link
16 Aug 14 Tough Guy & Girl Challenge Mud Run Lakes Ranch, Rotorua Link
23 Aug 14 Tough Guy & Girl Challenge Mud Run Lakes Ranch, Rotorua Link
Sat 13 Sep 14 Day Night Thriller

(Mtn Bike)

Mtn Bike Taupo Link
Sun 14th Sep 14 Sri Chinmoy  5km to 21.1km Run Auckland Domain Link
28 Sep 14 Tauranga City to Surf Run Tauranga Link


  1. To Dubai Mike … I very quickly figured it out!

  2. Barb Johnson says:

    Helen has been very busy – she also did the Kinloch Tri and major congratulations in order as she came 2nd in her age group 55-59.
    Swim 13:09 Bike 51:43 Run 26:23 Total 1:33:43
    Not sure that she enjoyed the bike leg re the aforementioned wind 🙂

    Waitangi Day Picnic – Can you please confirm the venue?
    Though the swimmers will be at Kohi beach, Vellenoweth Green is in St Heliers……..or have I missed something???

  3. Charmayne says:

    Re the picnic and the Kohi swim. The swim starts at 6.30 so swimmers would not get to the picnic at St Heliers till round 7.30.

  4. Kia Ora Katherine says:

    Some swimmers will take an hour, then changing etc. it will be 8 pm. Is it at kohi or st heliors?