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Things Tuesday 17th July 2018

Hi Everyone

Wow, hasn’t today been spectacular after all of that wet weather. Someone, make haste, please call the weather man and order more days like today.

Some Quick Reminders

  1. OWR Dinner next Wednesday 25th July. Many of you have already advised me you are coming. For the rest of you, you have until Friday evening to let me know. We are meeting at the Alex Bar and Eatery  at Alexandra Park (Trotting venue) at 6pm. Partners and groupies welcome. Carole Young is organising some quick exercise for those that are keen, starting at 5pm at the usual place.
  2. The entries for the Hawkes Bay Marathon Festival open on Wednesday 25th. If you are keen to do this, you will need to get in with busy fingers and book because this event sells out fast. Remember there are multiple events ranging from the Marathon down to a fun run for kids. The event is planned for 18th May 2019.
  3. Time is running out if you want to participate in the Kerikeri Half on 17th November, especially for accommodation. A bunch of your fellow foot warriors are already booked so don’t suffer FOMO.
  4. A bit closer to home is the next Auckland Xterra event to be held at Waiuku on Sunday 29th July – how about it? There are 4 distances available ranging from 6.5 to 23 km.

Park Run Results

Every week the Saturday morning OWRs observe the Park Runners in Cornwall Park, warming up and then thundering home, while we older, wiser people enjoy the ambiance of the park. It was with delight last Saturday we spotted Patti and Kath in the carpark, heading out for their warm up prior to the event. The results are even more delightful.

Patti’s time was 27:59 over a cross country course which placed her second in her age group. Unfortunately I could not find a result for Kath. Perhaps Kath or Patti could add the result in the comments?

Saturday OWRs at Shakespear Park

Note the date.


OWRs Happenings

  1. Our very own Annie Meates is off for an adventure of a life time. Annie has hooked up with a research group who are counting birds across Australia. The group will do 2 stints of walking each day; each one fairly lengthy as they will cover about 30km per day. The terrain is mixed including sandy dessert. Annie will not have wifi access while on her adventure, but she has promised to give us a full report on her return in early August.
  2. Patti and Michael are also off on an adventure. They head to Vietnam next week which is their excuse for not having dinner with us. 🙁
  3. Verna is kicking her heals up in Hawaii with big son Danny at present. Her report will be at best unreliable, on account of the blurry memories induced by frequent embbibing at local establishments. What a trouper Verna is, helping out the local economy like that.

Gotta dash.






PS. FOMO is Fear of Missing Out



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