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Things Wednesday 23rd Jan 2019

I hope you are having an awesome summer. The weather has been brilliant whatever your needs this year.

Well done to everyone who made it to the Christmas Day gathering. It was a fairly rough day, although we made it back for the all important coffee before the rain started.

Hardy Christmas Souls

Thumbs up too, to everyone who made it to Shakespear Regional Park New Year’s Eve. It was a quieter group this year, with the exception of Russ who had sausage envy after his charcoal efforts earlier in the season.

Gary, Katherine and Yosmina, Sofia and Swiss Katherine
Where Sausage Gate occurred

Young Grannie Annie is celebrating the tender age of 70 and would like you to come along and share this special occasion with her family and friends.

Date: 6th Feb, Waitangi Day

Time: 5:15 pm

Venue: Scalini’s Italian & Pizzeria Restaurant

Where: 429 Tamaki Drive, St Heliers

Fully licensed & BYO (Wine only) no corkage charge

How organised is Grannie Annie to celebrate her birthday on a public holiday. The reason for the early dinner is so that Grannie Annie’s grandchildren can come and still be in bed in time for school the next day.

Anyway, you must tell Grannie Annie that you are coming on email: anna@spigmail.com. Do it now as Grannie Annie would like final numbers by the 31st Jan so that she can make the reservations.

Now we need to talk about some results.

Over the holidays, Doug passed me a piece of paper with some Kohi Results on it. I was thrilled because it takes ages to look up results and every time anyone sends results to me, it saves time (and you have more hope of getting another edition of Things.) Anyway, on checking out the results, I couldn’t help but notice that Doug had beaten Verna. Surely that wasn’t the reason he looked up the results for us?? Either way, thanks very much Doug. I look forward to some more bits of paper in the future.

Looking at the number of podium places, I am wondering if the only people who turned up that day were OWR…

The story goes that Doug and Russ had a fierce battle including a sprint up the beach. Verna was way laid when her goggles were kicked off and in the split second it took to empty the water out, the field of swimmers moved ahead. Anyway, it was all fun and games for the last race of the year.

So that was last year, now on to this year. People have already been busy.

On January 12th Patti presented herself in Tauranga at the Half Ironman and performed very well. The results don’t show category places but I think it is fair to say that Patti’s place was “awesome”.

The Swimmers have been back at Kohi already for Race 9.

But wait there’s more. Grannie Annie and Katherine took themselves off to Villa Maria on Sunday to do the Skecher’s women’s Half Marathon.

I think they held hands all the way, but well done on getting it done.

Meanwhile Ken was among 105 runners and walkers doing the 8th of 8 Continents Marathon held in the Auckland Domain.

Ken completed the event as a walker in the blistering time of 6:37:35.

Photos of Lay popped up in Facebook coverage, but I couldn’t find any results for her. Maybe she was volunteering? This is why you should send me event reports…ahe Ken.

And before I head off, all the best to Kath Tuckey who has recently moved to Kerikeri. We will no doubt see Kath during our annual pilgrimage to the Half Marathon.